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Transition Integrity Project Founder Calls For EXECUTION Of Former Trump Official


Nils Gilman, the founder of the so-called “bipartisan” Transition Integrity Project, called for the execution of former Trump administration national security official Michael Anton in light of Anton writing critically about the group’s efforts to steal the 2020 election and secure a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Gilman, who serves as Vice President of Programs at the Chinese Communist Party-linked Berggruen Institute, took to Twitter to express his desire that Anton be executed in the same fashion as Robert Brasillach.

Specifically, he insisted “Michael Anton is the Robert Brasillach of our times and deserves the same fate.”

Brasillach was a French author and journalist who was executed in 1944 by firing squad for using his various platforms to advance Nazi collaborationism and anti-Semitism during World War II. The execution, rather than lifetime imprisonment, was highly controversial related to intellectual crimes as opposed to military or political actions.

With his comments, not only is Gilman falsely insinuating that Anton is a Nazi, but also that he deserves to be executed for his opinions.

The tweet also included a link to a Forward article: “A former Trump official dreamed up a George Soros-funded ‘coup’ conspiracy that is spreading online,” which chronicles how Anton helped expose the nefarious and democracy-undermining activities of the Transition Integrity Project.

“The crux of Anton’s argument rests on a meeting of the Transition Integrity Project, a group that is monitoring the 2020 election for disruptions. Anton writes that a set of thought exercises where members acted out possible outcomes of the 2020 election, including a Democratic coup, was convened “on George Soros’s dime” and represented part of a “trial run” for this fall’s election,” the article notes.

Anton, author of The Stakes and the famous “Flight 93 Election” essay, spoke about the Transition Integrity Project with Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on The National Pulse show in early September and also wrote about the group’s calculated attempts to swipe the 2020 election in a host of op-eds.


Writing for The American Mind, Anton referenced the group’s 22-page report, analyzed by The National Pulse, which calls for a “street fight” to secure a Biden victory:

“Over the summer a story was deliberately leaked to the press of a meeting at which 100 Democratic grandees, anti-Trump former Republicans, and other ruling class apparatchiks got together (on George Soros’s dime) to “game out” various outcomes of the 2020 election. One such outcome was a clear Trump win. In that eventuality, former Bill Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, playing Biden, refused to concede, pressured states that Trump won to send Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote, and trusted that the military would take care of the rest. The leaked report from the exercise darkly concluded that “technocratic solutions, courts, and reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here,” promising that what would follow the November election would be “a street fight, not a legal battle.”

The Transition Integrity Project purports to be a neutral arbiter of the 2020 election but, in reality, the initiative is replete with fervent Never Trumpers and hard leftists. Not a single Trump-supporting Republican has been identified as a member.

The project “war-gamed” election outcomes where Biden, played by John Podesta, refused to concede the election and is funded by a group teeming with former Obama alumni.

Its other founder, Rosa Brooks, is an alum of George Soros’s Open Society Institute and has dined privately with the Democratic mega-donor in addition to donating thousands of dollars to the Biden campaign.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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