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‘KASSAM WAS RIGHT’: Left-Wing Media Says National Pulse Exposed ‘Transition Integrity’ Coup


Even the left-wing media is crediting The National Pulse and its Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam for exposing the attempted coup in the form of the Transition Integrity Project, which we first wrote about on August 3rd.

The Talking Points Memo (TPM) website – run by far-left activists – asserts that Kassam and The National Pulse were the reason the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) members are now running from their original coup attempt, even recently pulling down their website while many try to disassociate themselves from the project.

TIP was originally convened in December 2019 by a George Soros lawyer and a Chinese Communist Party-linked activist, the latter of which has recently called for executions against pro-Trump individuals. The National Pulse exposed their activities on August 3rd 2020, and later detailed how the organization is funded: through a front organization which pays its staff six figure salaries which they grift from left-wing donors.

Talking Points Memo reported:

On the Sept. 3 episode of his show, The National Pulse, right-wing broadcaster Raheem Kassam acknowledged that he might be irritating his audience with his repeated references to a series of tabletop election simulations that happened in June.

“Transition Integrity Project: I know people are going to get bored of me saying that term between now and the election,” he said. “But this is everything right here, and it’s everything because they’ve given their playbook away.”

Kassam was right about one thing: Conservative news consumers have been absolutely bombarded with content about the Transition Integrity Project, or TIP.

And while the leftist blog claims the idea TIP represented a coup is a “conspiracy theory,” they fail to explain why.

Instead author Matt Shuham, who makes a number of factual errors in his article, claims: “…a few participants in the exercise told TPM they’d received threats after news emerged of their involvement.”

In fact it is the Transition Integrity Project’s own Nils Gilman making the threats against pro-Trump individuals such as Michael Anton, former National Security Council advisor.

On September 21st, Gilman demanded Anton face a firing squad for exposing the Transition Integrity Project.

Rosa Brooks, Gilman’s co-founder at TIP, has refused to be interviewed by The National Pulse on numerous occasions.

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