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Major UK Electoral Fraud Case Was Precursor to Ilhan Omar Cash-For-Ballot Scandal


Contrary to what the Democrats would have you believe, electoral fraud and mail-in ballot abuse can – and does – happen. 

It was almost ten years ago to the day that a man born in Pakistan rose to national prominence in the United Kingdom, winning a historic election victory by becoming the first Muslim executive mayor in Britain’s history.

But despite his ostensibly respectable background as a solicitor and member of the Law Society of England, Lutfur Rahman was controversial from the start.


His selection by Britain’s Labour Party was mired in electoral fraud – a harbinger of what was to come.

Rahman had signed up fake members of the Labour Party to vote in his candidate selection process: Britain’s version of a party primary.

Lutfur Rahman: Judge accuses disgraced former mayor of mortgage fraud and tax evasion
Lutfur Rahman Pictured.

He also had links with a known extremist group: the Islamic Forum of Europe.

But despite being unselected by the Labour Party, he still stood in the 2010 election and won, in large majority due to his politicking amongst the local Bangladeshi community in East London.

Now, he was the mayor of a jurisdiction with over $1 billion dollars in its budget.

Rahman was fawned over by the radical left and anti-Semites alike. And he set about creating a strong-man fiefdom for himself in one of the most impoverished areas of England.

For a time Rahman seemed unassailable.

He won re-election in 2014, with a record turnout in the area. But something was amiss.

Here’s a video from back then:

There are pretty strict guidelines about who can be in or around a polling station in the United Kingdom, to guard against voter intimidation. But there you saw members of both the Tower Hamlets First party and the Labour Party crowding the entrance to polling stations.

But that wasn’t all that happened in Tower Hamlets on the run-up to that election. The whole thing turned into a third world farce, and eventually, Lutfur Rahman was removed and banned from holding office in the UK.

In April 2015, just a few months after his re-election, our reporting helped to create a case against Rahman which showed him and his minions involved in corruption, bribery, and using “undue spiritual influence” over voters. In other words, cajoling local Muslims to vote for him and using mosques and imams to help.

The lead petitioner at the time, Andy Erlam, said outside the London court:

“Tower Hamlet’s town hall was taken over by a bunch of gangsters and today they have been thrown out. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and we want a further investigation into the rest of the corruption.”

Even the Judge, Richard Mawrey, said of the former mayor:

“It is guaranteed Mr. Rahman will denounce this judgment as racist and Islamophobic. It is nothing of the sort… the natural sense of solidarity (of the Bangladeshi community) has been subverted.”

That community had been told by Rahman’s henchmen that it was their Islamic duty to vote for him – and a report by then government minister Eric Pickles pointed to “abuses of postal voting” and evidence of “pressure being put on vulnerable members of some ethnic minority communities, particularly women and young people”.

Is this starting to sound familiar? It should, unfortunately.

Twenty years on from Britain first introducing mass mail-in voting, and half a decade since one of the most outrageous electoral fraud cases the Western world has ever seen, the United States of America is seeing the same third world politicking on its shores.

Meanwhile, the left claims voter fraud never happens.

They’re lying. Because they’re liars. Which makes what James O’Keefe and Project Veritas even more important. Because we can no longer rely on the left to be good-faith actors.

Just like Judge Mawrey and Eric Pickles in the UK said, the left will now try to hide their latest voting fraud schemes by screaming “Islamophobia!” and “Racist!”

In fact, it is the proponents of such things who are the racists – happy to exploit their own communities for a tiny sniff of power. And this time it isn’t Lutfur Rahman implicated: it’s organizers and supporters of Ilhan Omar.

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