EXCLUSIVE: Farage Bashes Biden On ‘Biggest Lie’ About AntiFa


Nigel Farage joined Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse Raheem Kassam on Real America’s Voice to analyze the first 2020 presidential debate, slamming Democratic candidate Joe Biden for his refusal to condemn AntiFa.

The leader of the Brexit party and architect of Brexit focused on a moment from the debate where Biden insisted “Antifa is an idea, not an organization,” prompting a “you’ve got to be kidding me” out of President Trump.

To Farage, this represented “the biggest lie” and “the most revealing moment” of the entire debate:

“Biden said AntiFa was an idea, not an organization. Well, that was the biggest lie. That was the most revealing moment, I thought, of the whole evening.”

Farage also went after Chris Wallace’s performance as debate moderator, alleging a double standard on his treatment of Biden and Trump:

“Look what happened over Black Lives Matter. Chris Wallace specifically asked Biden whether he supported the aims of Black Lives Matter, Biden point blank refused to answer it, yet he wasn’t picked up on it. Whereas, the president was put on the spot: do you condemn white supremacy?”


“I don’t think Wallace had a good night at all. I think he was much tougher on Trump than he was on Biden,” Farage continued.

In addition to acting partisan, Farage also slammed Wallace’s inability to keep the candidates from skirting questions such as the prospect of packing the Supreme Court:

“I also felt early on when the discussion was supposed to go about the Supreme Court, that Wallace allowed it to become a debate on health care almost to the exclusion of all the other points.”

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Going forward, Farage emphasized that hammering the economy and law and order would be President Trump’s two strongest lines of attack against Biden given his superior track record and how the issues play well with a critical voting bloc: suburban voters.

“Keep the focus on law and order. Keep aiming at those suburban voters, those comfortable middle-class types who don’t necessarily like Donald Trump’s style, but they are key to winning this election.”

To do so, President Trump needs to continue to portray Biden as beholden to the far-left elements of his party, rendering him unable to go after organizations like AntiFa:

“He’ll win this election if he convinces them that actually because Biden is incapable of condemning appalling semi-terrorist organizations like AntiFa, that the country will be safer with him.”


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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