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Mark Levin Praises The ‘Great’ National Pulse, Reads Site ‘Morning, Noon, and Night’


Conservative radio host Mark Levin called The National Pulse a “great new site” while referencing the outlet’s coverage of the media’s routine distortion of election polls, adding he reads the site “morning, noon, and night.”

The remarks came from Levin’s October 5th show, where he discussed the media’s manipulation of election polling and the historical accuracy of polls during the run up to the 2020 election.

Dubbed “The Great One,” Levin gave a shoutout to the National Pulse, calling it a “great new site”:

“This is a great new site. I want to encourage you to take a look at it.”

Levin discussed conflicting polls, inquiring “what does this mean” while telling readers to visit The National Pulse to elucidate confusion or flag mainstream media bias regarding polling:

“So you have two opposite polls. So what does this mean? So you go to The National Pulse. I read this stuff morning, noon, and night. This is the site I said you really need to check out: The National Pulse. And one of the reasons is the Editor-in-Chief is Raheem Kassam who is terrific.”

He read an article from the National Pulse entitled “Poll That Doesn’t Weight In Favor Of Dems Shows Trump Leading Nationally” on-air which highlighted how a new poll from the Democracy Institute and the Sunday Express reveals what the election would look like if pollsters didn’t routinely weight their samples heavily in favor of Democrats.

In short, Donald Trump would come out ahead.

“As reported by The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, pollsters routinely create a weighted sample that over-represents Democrats in order to create a false impression that Republican candidates are trailing,” the piece continued.

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And the latest Biden-Trump head-to-head poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal does precisely that, Kassam explained on Twitter:


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