President-elect Donald Trump walks to take his seat for the inaugural swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Friday, January 20, 2017. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

CORTES: Trump and the ‘Deplorables’: Still the Outsiders


The sitting president of the United States is an outsider. To borrow phrases from the famous teenage book The Outsiders, we remain a movement of political “greasers” and the Beltway influencers remain the Swamp “socs.”

Those statements may seem nonsensical in a way, given Trump’s incumbency, but in this chaotic year of 2020, we have certainly learned to confront myriad realities that previously seemed impossible.


In the last two weeks, the Commission on Presidential Debates reveals itself as yet another corrupt and complicit swamp cabal. That group embodies the insiders brazenly manipulating their authority to undermine President Trump and the America First movement.

First, the Commission selected a slate of so-called “moderators” that no reasonable person could defend as remotely objective. During the first debate in Cleveland, Fox News’ Chris Wallace inserted himself constantly into the debate, framing questions aggressively against Trump while intervening several times to save a floundering Biden. Even worse, Wallace helped Biden spread the most malicious lie in American public life, the Charlottesville “Fine People Hoax” that alleges the president praised violent bigots, when in fact Trump clearly denounced them.

Scully’s “hacked” tweet

The Commission then chose Steve Scully of CSPAN to moderate the now-canceled second debate, a man who previously worked directly for Joe Biden, and for Ted Kennedy as well. Scully’s twitter account posted a message that appeared to be an intended private direct message, but instead Scully publicly asked one of Trump’s most virulent critics, Anthony Scaramucci, for advice in dealing with Trump.

To explain, Scully now hides behind the dubious excuse that his account was hacked, a claim he has used previously with alarming frequency.

But far worse than the biased moderator slate, the Commission’s tactics regarding the long-scheduled second debate in Miami truly unveiled the intrinsic bias of this fraudulent Beltway machine operating as a front for Joe Biden. Consider the timeline: Wednesday evening in the vice-presidential debate, Mike Pence staged a command, virtuoso performance.

The Vice-President displayed total command of the facts with a pitch-perfect blend of gentlemanly demeanor with appropriate assertiveness, fully revealing the inherent contradictions and flaws of Senator Kamala Harris’s radical policy agenda.


Merely hours later, with zero consultation with our campaign, the Commission then releases a 7:30am ET surprise, unilateral decision that the Thursday October 15th debate would be virtual. The misdirection play reeked of a blatant attempt to divert attention away from the previous night’s debate, to concoct an alternative news cycle focus, instead.

Of course, the president and our team immediately rejected this sham proposal. Joe Biden cannot be allowed to audition for the world’s most important jobs on a Zoom call from his basement, with the help of staff and electronic assistance.

If he wants to be commander-in-chief of the greatest republic in history, then he can put on his big boy pants and take the stage opposite President Donald Trump to make his case.

In addition, there is no reasonable medical justification for any delay, as verified not just by the White House military medical team, but also by hundreds of outside physicians. Nonetheless, our campaign patriotically agreed to a delay, pushing back the next two debates by a week each, but the Biden camp and the Commission predictably refused.

Trump campaign ads have taken aim at Joe Biden in his basement

But even a glancing inspection of the leadership of the Commission unveils the actual intent here. It is comprised of the worst kind of old-guard swamp denizens, the very crony establishment dinosaurs that our electoral surge in 2016 revolted to punt from power.

The board of the CPD is a “who’s who” of corporate media hacks, former senators cashing-in as K St. lobbyists, and globalist former party chairs. The prior comments of the supposed Republicans on the Commission expose the bias.


The Commission chair Frank Fahrenkopf stated: “What I learned in 2016…was that the American people are not necessarily going to vote for who they think is the smartest person.”

His fellow board member, former Senator John Danforth wrote about Donald Trump in the Washington Post: “our party has been corrupted by this hateful man, and it is now in peril.”

Former Senator and debate commissioner Olympia Snowe conveyed similar sentiments, that Trump “absolutely is hurting our brand… the question is how we unravel going forward. I fear the effects could be long-lasting. It’s tragic.”

In reality, what is “tragic” is that this collection of influence-peddling power brokers could hold such sway over the trajectory of this election with their ability to deprive the American people of transparency in evaluating the candidates for the presidency. The Commission clearly puts its thumb on the scale, attempting at every turn to provide cover and advantage to Joe Biden, an establishment candidate if there ever was one.

The Debate Commission is biased.

With almost a half-century in the Washington corridors of power, Biden is a reliable ally of powerful interests of multinational corporations, international bureaucracies, and even the foreign capitals of our adversaries, especially Beijing.

His election would represent a wholesale retreat, back to a place of globalism and economic submission to China. A Biden presidency would be marked by terrible trade deals, a return to an interventionist foreign policy, and an assault upon the American energy industry. Those policies would thrill overseas capitals like Moscow, Riyadh, and Beijing. Biden’s agenda would also surely restore the prerogatives of the political “socs” like the Commission’s Fahrenkopf, Danforth, and Snowe.

But American workers would be abused and American industries eviscerated.

Thankfully, the final decision rests with the people, not the credentialed class and their amen-corner in the corporate media. We deplorables – the “greasers “ – will rise up, once again, to assert authority over the levers of power in America to continue the task of building a country that prioritizes American workers and maintains the security and prosperity of the previously-forgotten American middle class.

To accomplish this task, we will re-elect this Outsider president, and insist that he “stay gold, Trump.”

Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes was a Senior Advisor for Strategy at the Trump 2020 campaign.

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