biden or die
Sign spotted in Denver, CO.

‘Biden or Die’ Yard Signs Appear in Colorado Following Murder of Trump Supporter


A man was murdered for his political preferences, and it has scarcely attracted a peep from the national media – and even Republican politicians have been relatively quiet about it.

If Lee Keltner, the victim of the Denver shooting, was left-wing, gay, or an ethnic minority, this would not just have been front-page news for days – but there’d be riots, looting, and Al Sharpton getting on a private jet already.

There would be panel discussions, “teaching moments”, and the lambasting of those who tried to speak about the matter while not having experienced the type of discrimination Keltner had experienced.

But only if he was on the left, gay, or an ethnic minority.

But because Keltner was a white man who supported President Trump, his life, we’re reminded – doesn’t matter. Didn’t matter.


Keltner was left dead on the ground with a bullet in his head. The result of an Antifa-friendly activist, and an Antifa-friendly news network, who wanted him dead.

And they want you dead, too.

They want you dead.

They even put up yard signs saying as much: “Biden or Die.”

biden or die
Sign spotted in Denver, CO.

They’re sold online – via Instagram and – by someone in Oregon who calls herself Kait Kenobi.

Kait Kenobi’s real name appears to be Kate McNally, and she went to the University of Boulder, in Colorado.

Kate McNally wants you dead, and she wants to make money off her murderous hatred for you in the process.

Those Biden or Die yard signs cost a whopping thirty-two dollars. For a sign. Made of paper.

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McNally writes under the sign, “We cannot let dumpy win! All proceeds go to making more stuff like this for my own neighborhood.”

Presumably, she means more “stuff” with incitement to murder on it.

And Kate McNally’s website is sicker than just this sign.

You can click a link that says “Learn about the Darkness” and it takes you to her personal blog, which states: “You may find yourself curious about the name Midnight Grim; here’s a glimpse into my life in regards to my new Brand Identity. You’ll find the “Grim” symbol in European folklore. A death omen, it’s often described as a large, supernatural black dog. It appears at night, often in cahoots with the Devil, bringing dark messages of doom or perhaps leading a character directly to the gates of Hell.”

It goes on…

“Sometimes the Grim lives inside you. He’s the cornerstone of fear and darkness.”

Her address, she lists as 666 Necropolis Lane – Fire Island, Hell – 42069

Her phone number she lists as +1 666 666 666 before adding, “Just kidding. I am an introvert and if you dropped in on my office my head would probably fall off.”

Aw. Poor Kate – poor introverted Kate making yard signs that encourage the murder of those who defy her politics.

Poor Kate and her website,, who are charging nearly forty dollars for people to place signs on their front lawns which demand death for those who oppose their Satanic cults.

But Kate’s activities may well have led to a man getting his head blown off.

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And it could lead to more.

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