Democrat PR Firm Paid ‘Influencers’ To Covertly Push Anti-Trump Content to TikTok


Bigtent Creative, a Democrat-linked social media agency, has been secretly funding anti-Trump posts on the Chinese Communist Party-compromised platform TikTok in an effort to sway the election.

The effort, revealed via a BBC report entitled “Anti-Trump TikTokkers not declaring paid content,” describes how an “agency which grew out of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in the Democratic primaries” funded posts on the platform that were frequently anti-Trump.

According to a BBC report, the videos amassed “hundreds of thousands of views before they were removed”:

“Bigtent Creative, an agency which grew out of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in the Democratic primaries, had been funding posts on the platform. Smith Galer said that Bigtent-funded posts were a mixture of nonpartisan content encouraging people to register to vote, and some videos which explicitly encouraged people to vote against President Donald Trump.”
The effort was initially exposed because Bigtent Creative failed to have individuals producing content on behalf of the firm disclose they were being paid to do so – a violation of Federal Trade Commission guidelines. This omission of compensation prompted TikTok to remove videos that breached these financial disclosure rules.
What’s more, the Democrat-led agency relied on a social media platform that grants backdoor access to the Chinese Communist Party and promotes “socialist core values” to campaign.
Among posts that were removed, there were a host of explicitly anti-Trump messages.

“The BBC reported that the removed videos were often skits or memes, similar to the creators’ regular output. They included a remix of the song “WAP” by Cardi B with the sound of Cardi B telling people to vote. One of the series supported by Bigtent Creative was a number of high-profile creators forming a “vote chain” — where the creators made side-by-side videos called duets that promoted a voter registration link. But it reported that some of the creators included messages against Trump, like: “Trump is trying to ban TikTok again… can we please vote him out?” That chain is still on TikTok, but other funded chains that included creators calling Trump an “angry Cheeto” and “orange Brussel sprout” were removed, the BBC reported.”

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Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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