EXC: Kerik Says Trump Should Tap Tom Homan for FBI Chief


Bernie Kerik, the former commissioner of the New York Police Department and associate of Rudy Giuliani, insisted that President Trump should appoint former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Kerik’s advocacy for Homan’s ascension to the posts is a reaction to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) failure to act on a hard drive containing tens of thousands of incriminating emails on Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings with foreign governments and alleged involvement with underage girls.

Kerik, who, alongside Giuliania, gained access to a trove of Hunter Biden’s email and texts, insisted it was “time for a cop to take over the FBI”:

“It’s time for a cop to take over the FBI. They should take somebody like Tom Homan, who used to run ICE, and put him in charge of the FBI. I promise you no investigation will get politicized, no investigation will be discarded.”

Kerik described how the FBI has become highly politicized and merely an aparatus of the political establishment:

“What we have seen is false testimony. What we have seen is lying under oath. These are the senior members of the FBI. We’ve seen subordinate perjury. We’ve seen suppressing the evidence. We’ve seen a lot of that. This appears to be more of the same. Hopefully, for some god unknown reason, Chris Wray has a reason this was held for seven or eight months. I’m just not that confident.”

“I’m not worried about the rank and file. I’m worried about the people at the top. I’m worried about an institutional culture that has grown into a political culture that should not be,” he emphasized.

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Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.