EXC: Biden Campaign Co-Chair in Emails That Call John McCain ‘A**hole’, ‘Cranky Old Man’… ‘Despise Him’


An email thread involving Hunter Biden, his business partner Eric Schwerin, Beau Biden, former Senator Ted Kaufman, and Deputy Counsel for then-Vice President Joe Biden Alexander Mackler contains reference to the late Senator John McCain as an “asshole” and “cranky old man.”

The news comes shortly after Cindy McCain – Senator McCain’s widow – endorsed Joe Biden’s campaign. Biden himself said the endorsement was “because of what (Trump) talks about how my son [Beau] and John and others who are heroes.”

On December 4th of 2014, Schwerin forwarded the news that the late Arizona Senator McCain has “blocked” one of then-President Barack Obama’s picks for a high-level diplomacy position.

“Sen. John McCain is blocking the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s nominee to be America’s second-highest ranked diplomat. McCain says Tony Blinken, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, is “totally unqualified” to serve as Secretary of State John Kerry’s understudy. McCain also criticizing Blinken Thursday for comments he made more than two years ago touting Iraq’s security, prosperity and democracy.”

Eric e-mails the two Bidens, Joe Biden’s Deputy Counsel, and former Senator Kaufman, who replaced Biden when he departed the Senate for the White House, that McCain’s move “caused [him] to despise John McCain even more than [he] already did”:

A few hours later, Mackler responded by calling McCain an “asshole”:

And minutes later, Schwerin followed up again by labeling McCain “such a cranky old man”:

These unearthed emails follow McCain’s widow publicly endorsing Biden for president.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.