Legal Journal Published Most Damning 3 Paras On ‘Phony’ Biden and The Ukraine/China Connection in 2019


The Madison-St.Clair Record published some of the most damning words about Joe Biden and his “phony” and “folksy” stories over a year ago. The words ring especially true given Biden’s attempt to shift the subject from China to the “family table” during his debate with President Trump last week.

Writing in October 2019, the editorial board said: 

After nearly 50 years in elective office, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has accumulated a large collection of folksy (and phony) personal narratives that he rehashes whenever he feels the need to remind voters what an unpretentious, regular guy he is. A favorite is the one about how, just like us, he sits with his family around the dinner table at night, fretting about bills that need to be paid.

Sure he does. This is a guy who plagiarized his way through law school and then served two years on a county council in Delaware before getting elected to the U.S. Senate at the age of 30. The man has never held a real job or worked an honest day in his life. Somehow, however, during five decades of “public service,” he became a millionaire.

As we are now learning, his son Hunter also got rich without really working, trading on dad’s position – and influence and intercession – as senator and VP. Sweetheart deals in Ukraine and China are the most glaring examples, but there are plenty of others, foreign and domestic.


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