EXC: Hunter Email Reveals ‘Wiring Instructions’ for ‘Spy Chief of China’


Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show Joe Biden’s brother Jim providing wire transfer instructions to Patrick Ho – a Hong Kong national Hunter Biden described as a “spy chief of China.”

In an audio recording obtained by the National Pulse, Hunter Biden is heard describing Ho as both his business partner and a “spy chief of China.” The two were involved with CEFC China Energy – a Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army-linked entity.

An email from March 21, 2018 shared by National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on Twitter shows Joe Biden’s brother Jim providing necessary information to complete a wire transfer to an individual named Mervyn Yan on behalf of Ho.

The “purpose of” the transfer per Jim Biden was for “Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping representation.”

Owasco LLC, the beneficiary according to Jim Biden, per the U.S. Senate report on Hunter Biden’s business dealings describes the law firm’s “executing officer and governor as Robert Hunter Biden.”

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