‘Like Flipping a Coin and Getting Heads 100 Times’: Stats Boffs Scrutinize Biden ‘Victory’ Numbers


Analysis of votes cast for Joe Biden and turnout itself in Pennsylvania reveal a host of statistical and historical anomalies that favor the Democratic candidate’s chances of winning the presidency.

Two reports, providing over 10 pages of statistical analysis of raw Pennsylvania voter data, appear to signal election irregularities – virtually all boosting Biden’s vote count in the critical state.

PA Voter Analysis Young by Natalie Winters on Scribd

PA Voter Analysis Briggs (1) by Natalie Winters on Scribd

In Philadelphia, for example, the likelihood of the city’s voting outcome is as likely as someone flipping a coin 100 times and landing on heads every time.

At the time of publishing, Pennsylvania stands at 6,749,175 votes cast – unclear how many were cast legally vs. illegally – and 98% reporting. The state and its 20 electoral college votes remain critical to President Trump’s chances to rightfully clinch the presidency.


For example, Biden, who bizarrely beat Barack Obama’s popular vote record, received several tens of thousands of more votes than registered Democrats in the following counties.

In some cases, the increase in support for Biden surpasses 65,000 votes:

Obama/Hillary vote counts ranged from 233,000 to 256,000. Biden received 313,000. The eleven outlier counties together provide over 299,000 excess votes.

“The votes for Biden are unusually high for ten counties, reporting an excess of 299,000 votes in excess of expectation. These deviations are legitimate reasons to insist on closely monitored recounts,” the report notes.

The other report reaches similar conclusions, specifically concerning the counties Montgomery, Chester, Cumberland, and Pike.

But Biden soared in three predominately R counties, by 1.24 to 1.43 times greater than either Obama run or Hillary. This is a likely absurd result, that Biden would get that much more in these almost 50-50 D/R counties.


Per data provided by the state of Pennsylvania, an exorbitant number of individuals cast ballots, only voting for the president. Analysis reveals this phenomenon occurred exponentially more with Biden voters.

“Another way to track down fraudulent votes is to look closely at how many of the votes did little or no down-ticket voting. When manufacturing votes, it is too time consuming to vote for other office holders,” the report notes.

For example, the number was more than double in Arizona and, at maximum, more than triple in Michigan.

In Pennsylvania, it was slightly less than half.


The piece also posits that Pennsylvania’s violation of a “standard voter fraud” identification method – Benford’s Law – “flags Allegheny County as suspect.”

In contrast, “he shape of the voter count first digits follows Benford’s Law rather closely for Trump.”

The critical swing state remains imperative for President Trump’s chances to secure the presidency, and per data, history, and a host of technical “glitches,” it seems Pennsylvania was not immune from Democrats’ attempt to steal the election.

Both reports urge recounts and close monitoring of the votes in the state:

Based on the concerns outlined herein, to correct any honest errors, and to eliminate the possibility of fraud, a well-supervised recount (where every vote is verified as being legitimate) is necessitated in at least these three Pennsylvania counties: Montgomery, Chester and Cumberland.

Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of the National Pulse. Natalie Winters is a Senior Writing Fellow.

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