So Much For The Blue Wave.


So much for the Blue Wave.

The takeaway of last week’s historic election is that in spite of the all powerful forces – Big Tech, Wall Street, the Deep State, Corporate Media, massive voting irregularities, and orchestrated Leftist violence – Trumpism not only survived, it triumphed.

This, despite the fact that some craven Republicans want President Trump to concede, even in the face of overwhelming circumstantial evidence of state manipulation of vote totals.

With the forces of the establishment so concentrated against Trump, he should have lost in a landslide. The complete repudiation so ardently sought by the corporate overlords behind Joe Biden’s “campaign” never materialized.

Add to the deck stacked so formidably against Trump the disadvantage of an inept campaign that, until the last few months of new leadership, was guilty of political malpractice.


Trump’s erstwhile campaign manager through July, Brad Parscale, was the purported Wonder Boy promoted by the President’s inexplicably influential New York Democratic inner circle that has repeatedly steered him away from his always sound instincts and toward disastrous political strategies.

With his partner Gary Coby, Parscale managed to blow through a record $200 million in campaign funds before his welcome departure with literally nothing to show for the unprecedented expenditure.

In addition to downplaying Trump’s bread and butter issues like law and order and immigration (where the President enjoyed massive popular support) in pursuit of what could only amount to a marginally bigger slice of the vote among Hispanics and African-Americans, Parscale did virtually nothing on the all important issue of ballot security, an easily foreseeable priority with the drastic changes in traditional state voting procedures imposed by Democratic judges.

As Democratic states artificially extended COVID-related shutdown measures in order to demand the institution of mass mail-in ballot voting (which is, by definition, more susceptible to post-vote manipulation), the Trump campaign was asleep at the wheel.

Since courts are historically reluctant to intervene after elections, regardless of the strength of circumstantial evidence of irregularities, the name of the game is election-worker monitoring and ballot security.

Despite new campaign manager Bill Stepien’s recognition of this dilemma on taking the reins in August, there was little he could do to correct course with depleted funds and no opportunity to push back against the new procedures.

Still, even with a stiff burden of proof to demonstrate electoral fraud, it seems evidence of voting irregularities is so profound that it is unlikely to simply be dismissed out of hand, which is the current narrative of the mainstream media that rushed to anoint Biden President-Elect.


The Trump 2016 Data Team is now heading up a Vote Fraud Investigation Fund that has already found hundreds of thousands of ballots cast in swing states like Georgia and Pennsylvania, by voters who have already moved and voters who are deceased.

Hundreds of thousands of voters requested mail in ballots that have not been marked returned, an anomaly that both strongly indicates ballot tampering and is relatively easy to track.

If, at this late date, Trump fails in his uphill battle to get courts or state legislatures to refuse to certify results produced by the big city machines in the swing states, he can still be proud of his Herculean effort to overcome the overwhelming coalition of power centers across the U.S. establishment that worked to crush his movement once and for all.

With the GOP hanging on in the Senate and actually gaining seats in the House, the existential priority now becomes protecting the Senate majority in the coming Georgia runoffs, and using the remaining months of the first term to reverse Big Tech’s terrifying assault on free speech by taking away the federal largesse of Section 230 and breaking up their social media platform monopoly.

At the same time, Republican state legislatures must immediately implement voting procedural reform to prevent the mail-in debacle of 2020 from becoming a permanent state of affairs.

Trumpism may have triumphed in the election, but the future of the GOP still unfortunately depends on the Republican Party’s recognition that their opponents have no compunction whatsoever about using any means necessary to relegate them to permanent minority status—and that they owe their very survival in this election cycle to Donald J. Trump.

Rob Wasinger

Robert Wasinger is a former Senior Advisor and Director of Senate Relations for Trump for President (2016).

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