WATCH: Dem Ga Senate Chair Insisted ‘Not One Reason’ To Buy Dominion Systems, ‘Reeks Of Corruption’ In 2019


Elena Parent, the Chairwoman of Georgia State Senate Democrats, slammed Dominion voting machines as “opposed by national security experts,” suggesting the state’s decision to go with the vendor “reeks of corruption.”

Parent, who serves as the Vice Chairman of Campaigns and Fundraising, criticized the controversial voting system in 2019.

Referencing how the company’s machines fail to provide results for a satisfactory audit, she poses the question:

Why on earth would we buy less secure machines that are opposed by the voters, opposed by national security experts, at risk of being decertified right now in New York, are far more expensive than the hand-marked paper ballots, are possibly going to be decertified by the national election authorities within two to four years when we’re taking out a 20-year bond?

She questions why the state would even buy machines from Dominion, noting “And you start saying, why on earth would we buy these things. I have been baffled, absolutely baffled. This is not a partisan issue.”

She adds there’s “not one good reason” to go with Dominion systems:

I’ve been given absolutely no good reason why we should buy these things. There’s not one good reason. So, therefore, it just reeks of corruption. That we’re prioritizing venders over voters. All voters oppose this. 

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.