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Vatican’s Nativity Scene Blasted as ‘Hideous’, Postmodern, ‘Demonic’


The Vatican’s Nativity Scene has been blasted as “hideous” and “demonic.”

The nativity scene is supposed to celebrate and represent the birth of Christ during the Christmas season. This year the Vatican collaborated with FA Grue Art & Design Institute and invited students and faculty to create new scene for this year’s nativity scene.

The sculptures have received a negative response, with people noting that the baby Jesus, his mother Mary, and her husband Joseph were eccentrically created with modern and futuristic elements in their construct.

The National Catholic Register noted:

Reaction on social media and elsewhere has mostly ranged from “hideous,” “abhorrent” and a “disgrace,” to “demonic,” an “embarrassment” and a “mockery” of Christ’s birth. Tim Stanley, a well-known columnist for the UK’s Daily Telegraphcalled it “absolutely terrifying,” while Vatican News’ Facebook page was filled with criticism even before it had been unveiled.

On Twitter, the Pope gave his blessing to the statues of Jesus, and nativity scenes which will be places at homes around the world.

During his latest speech, the Pope also signified to the UN Climate Summit the importance to act against climate change and “change the direction” of the world.

Wahagen Khabayan

Wahagen Khabayan is a National Pulse Writing Fellow based in Austria.