REPORT: 368,000 ‘Fraudulent Votes’ Across Swing States


A new report from Department of Justice adviser John Lott concludes that up to 368,000 “excess votes” tipped election outcomes to favor Joe Biden in critical swing states.

Lott, a noted crime and gun researcher, alleged the wide-scale vote fraud plagued the recent presidential election, potentially “account[ing] for Biden’s win in” states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“Increased fraud can take many forms: higher rates of filling out absentee ballots for people who hadn’t voted, dead people voting, ineligible people voting, or even payments to legally registered people for their votes. […] The estimates here indicate that there were 70,000 to 79,000 “excess” votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Adding Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, the total increases to up to 289,000 excess votes,” the summary notes.

Lott, who now serves as a Senior Adviser for Research and Statistics at the Office of Justice Programs, also adds that there are two reasons to even believe the aforementioned numbers are “underestimates”:

1) the estimates using precinct level data assume that there is no fraud occurring with inperson voting and 2) the voter turnout estimates do not account for ballots for the opposing candidate that are lost, destroyed, or replaced with ballots filled out for the other candidate

Lott points to universal mail-in voting as a hotbed for fraud, remarking “unsecured absentee ballots create the potential that either fraudulent ballots will be introduced or votes to be destroyed.”


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.