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Day 13 of Biden Regime: Make America Put Kids in Cages Again!


On Day 13, a “child detention center” opened under Trump is rechristened for the Biden era.

Immigration Overhaul Kicks Off With… More Detention Facilities.

On Tuesday, Biden signed three executive orders on immigration aimed at reunification of migrant families, expediting asylum applications, and reviewing all Trump-era policies, rules, and regulations that constitute “barriers” to immigration.

Meanwhile, a facility for unaccompanied migrant teenagers in Carrizo Springs, Texas, is reopening in response to the recent influx. It was unveiled in July 2019 as a well-equipped, more comfortable alternative to older facilities, run by a non-profit under federal contract, but closed less than a month later due to few children in its care.

“New Texas child detention center is clean and bright—but it’s still a jail,” wrote the Guardian that summer.

A spokesperson for Amnesty International gave this statement when the facility first opened: “Temporary emergency shelters are never a home for children, and Carrizo and other detention facilities like it only demonstrate that these disastrous policies only endanger children, and are never, ever, in the best interests of the child.”

As of 2019, the cost of housing a child at at Carrizo Springs ran a jaw-dropping $750-800 per child per day.

When unaccompanied minors arrive at the border, they are taken into custody by Department of Homeland Security, then referred to Health and Human Services, where case managers attempt to place the minor with a sponsor in the United States. However, unaccompanied minors are currently still subject to expulsion under a public health order put in place by Trump.

White House Confirms: Yes, Athletes Born Male Should Compete as Women.

A fact check from USA Today regarding Biden’s recent executive action on sex discrimination in schools includes this statement:

“The executive order does not tie an education institution’s federal funding to allowing biological male athletes access to women’s sports teams and scholarships, the White House said in a statement issued to USA TODAY.

The order mandates that all students, including transgender students, be able to learn without facing sex discrimination, and as part of that, transgender women should compete on female teams, according to the statement.”

In other words: While federal funding is not explicitly tied to letting athletes born male compete as females, schools are required to do so.

Rules governing transgender athlete participation are already in place at the collegiate and Olympic levels, but policies for high school athletic programs are varied, sometimes made on the state level or by individual school districts on a case-by-case basis.

BONUS: Send In The Troops, It’s Time To End The “Reality Crisis.”

Reminder: In America, it is not a crime to hold unconventional or unpopular beliefs on major issues. It is not even a crime to believe in a hoax. You are free to do so.

But don’t you dare jeopardize Joe Biden’s lofty ideal of national unity.

According to The New York Times’ Kevin Roose in a Feb. 2 op-ed, if you hold the wrong beliefs about, say, Coronavirus or the 2020 election, you’ve been “radicalized”—and might benefit from having your notions corrected.

After an opening salvo of scolding for those who didn’t tune in to Joe Biden’s “high-minded” inaugural address, Roose “raises an important question for the Biden administration: How do you unite a country in which millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality?” The experts weigh in: Perhaps a government-appointed “reality czar,” or a slate of government-sponsored social activities to keep you off dangerous apps and channels!

If only the president had some friends in Big Tech.

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