The Republican Establishment is Engaging in Political Suicide.


Led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY), the Republican establishment appears to be set on trying to somehow expunge President Trump and the Make America Great Again movement from the GOP.

History tells us that’s a horrible idea for Republicans, and an horrendous idea for the nation.

In 1988 President George HW Bush beat Democrat Michael Dukakis, after trailing late into the summer, to effectively secure Ronald Reagan’s third term.

Since then, the GOP establishment has done worse and worse:

1992 – George Bush Sr. loses to Bill Clinton after winning the First Gulf War.

1996 – President Clinton TROUNCES Senator Bob Dole. Dole received barely over 39 million votes nationwide.

2000 – President George W. Bush loses the popular vote and after weeks of litigation eeks out a win by 537 votes in Florida.

2004 –  President Bush barely beats, by just over 2 percent, John Kerry – a candidate whose lack of charisma is only matched by his lack of achievement.

2008 – President Obama crushes Senator John McCain by almost 10 million votes.

2012 – President Obama soundly defeats now Senator Mitt Romney.

2016 – the MAGA revolution sweeps President Trump to victory with 63 million votes.

2020 – President Trump secures almost 75 million votes, the most of any incumbent in history. Joe Biden becomes president with the help of rampant violations of Article II of the Constitution resulting in an election with unchecked mail-in balloting.

In 2020, President Trump achieved historic highs for a Republican with African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Jewish Americans, and other voting blocks.

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Why? Because Donald Trump stands for a strong America, for opportunity, for the forgotten man and woman who don’t want our jobs and money going overseas to

China. The MAGA movement is for less intervention and for more American manufacturing.

MAGA stands for fair trade and for treating our allies, such as Israel, like our allies and our enemies, such as Iran, like our enemies.

Without President Trump and his movement, the Republican Party is one of unnecessary wars, unfair trade, and unchecked elitism.

That is NOT a winning formula. That is a road to getting 40 – 60 million votes and losing the race for the White House every four years.

It is correct for Americans of all political views to condemn the violence that happened on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol.

Having said that, that tragic event should not cause the Republican Party to cut itself off from its base, and that is unquestionably the MAGA crowd who fill stadiums, work hard in their electoral precincts, and are motivated to go out and vote.

The GOP should acknowledge President Trump as its leader,  the MAGA movement as its lifeblood, and work to grow that almost 75 million voters in order to be a force for generations to come.

Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn served as Special Assistant to President Trump.

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