"I'm Joe Biden and I Forgot This Message" (Image: Gage Skidmore)

Day 26: Media Continues to Handle Biden With Kid Gloves.


On Day 26, suffice to say we can rule out “The President hasn’t had time yet” as an acceptable explanation for anything moving forward.

Why Won’t Biden Call Bibi?

What do Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and “Luigi” from Mario Kart have in common? They’re all a higher priority for President Joe Biden than calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Biden is the first president in 40 years who refused to contact Israel’s leaders upon taking office. Every president since 1981 has made contact with Israel within one week of taking office. Biden finally did, on Thursday, making the U.S. ally sweat for the call from the Oval Office.

When asked about the delay, press secretary Jen Psaki said:

“It is not an intentional diss. Prime Minister Netanyahu is someone the President has known for some time. Obviously, we have a long and important relationship with Israel, and the President has known him and has been working on a range of issues that there’s a mutual commitment to for some time. It is just a reflection of the fact that we have been here for three and a half weeks, he’s not called every single global leader yet, and he is eager to do that in the weeks ahead.”

Psaki would not confirm whether Saudi Arabia and Israel are still considered “important allies” under Biden.

Biden-Era Front Page News.

If the affectionate media pandering over Biden’s weekend arcade gaming left you with any questions about exactly how comfy Joe Biden’s relationship with the mainstream media is, here’s a sampling of White House news published within 24 hours to erase all doubt.

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Biden, Harris Family Members Build Fame Online.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ social media influencer niece Meena Harris has long used her aunt’s name, titles, and quotes to sell products like sweatshirts and children’s books. Despite warnings from White House lawyers that she could no longer use her aunt’s likeness for profit after the inauguration, it’s still part of her online presence and merchandise, Fox News reports.

The Biden and Harris extended families have enjoyed renewed attention on their social media feeds and online personae in recent weeks.

Within days of the inauguration, Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff had launched a modeling career, while Biden granddaughter Naomi Biden made news over the weekend with her candid snaps of Joe Biden “playing as Luigi” behind the scenes at Camp David.

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