CORTES: Biden’s Looming Border Crisis.


Joe Biden’s open borders radicalism invites a human tsunami of illegal migration. Consider the startling, latest evidence from the US Border Patrol: apprehensions of adults at the southern border in January 2021 vaulted 182 percent higher vs. January of 2020, from 86,449 to 244,053 total encounters. People respond to incentives, including would-be trespassers into our homeland. Biden’s moves to effectively vaporize the US border threaten an economic, humanitarian, and national security nightmare scenario for America.

Specifically, Biden’s America has already suspended deportations and is dismantling Trump’s highly effective “remain in Mexico” policy regarding asylum applicants. Biden is also asking Congress to provide mass amnesty for trespassers already here, alongside promises of generous public benefits to new illegal aliens, such as taxpayer-funded healthcare.

Powerful interests align to help Biden reward big corporates with cheap labor and the Democratic Party with new constituents. Regrettably, Biden finds many allies among establishment Republicans in his efforts to open our borders, like Senator Marco Rubio who openly cooperates with George Soros-backed groups pushing mass amnesty for illegal aliens.

Consequently, patriotic believers in the America First movement must repel this dangerous posturing.

For this effort, former top Trump White House economic advisor Dr. Peter Navarro just published a new report detailing the statistical case for asserting American sovereignty and protecting the prerogatives of American citizens, especially working-class Americans.

biden is encouraging border crossing attempts with his hands-off approach to national sovereignty and security

Consequently, in addition to the opportunity costs of vastly lower wages due to unfair labor competition, Navarro also details the staggering toll of the explicit costs of mass illegal migration. For example, in liberal jurisdictions like California, Medicare is already open to all residents, including those in America illegally. Add in public-school spending for children here unlawfully plus housing and adjudication costs for largely bogus asylum claims, and the total government nationwide outlay for illegal migration surpasses $100 billion annually.

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In addition to the colossal financial costs, the human toll of porous borders inflicts totally unnecessary misery upon American citizens. Most illegal migrants arrive without criminal intent beyond their unlawful trespass into our country. But a very dangerous minority of these migrants terrorize American streets and attack American citizens in 100 percent preventable crimes. The vicious MS-13 transnational gang now operates broadly throughout America, often gaming asylum practices to lure new gang members from Central America. The victims of their crimes, notably, are almost always American citizens of Hispanic descent.

Such reality contradicts the liberal fallacy that immigration enforcement is somehow inherently bigoted.

In truth, minority Americans suffer disproportionately from the unlawful wage competition and also from the crime perpetrated by dangerous illegals. Tragic examples abound, such as Sandra Duran of Los Angeles, a young Hispanic mother who was killed in cold blood by Estuardo Alvarado, who had been previously deported five times yet operated with impunity in the so-called “sanctuary” jurisdiction of Los Angeles. Sandra Duran’s sister Lisa Morales, a Los Angeles Police Department officer, said the violent death “could have been prevented.” Officer Morales continued: “It’s sad and it’s unfortunate. It’s going to happen not just to my family but to other families.”

Sandra Duran’s murder could have been avoided.

In fact, many voters with names like Duran and Morales rallied appreciably to President Trump’s America First cause of border control and economic nationalism. This electoral surge demonstrates the movement’s wide grassroots appeal across racial, ethnic, and geographic lines. Specifically, President Trump earned shocking levels of new support all along the US southern border. For example, Trump won Zapata County, Texas, which is 86 percent Latino. This border county saw a 38 percent increase on margin for Trump vs. 2016. Next door in Starr County, the most Hispanic county in America, Trump gained an astounding 55 percent over his 2016 performance.

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Far from Texas, in deeply blue Los Angeles County, Trump gained over 500,000 raw votes and increased four percent on margin vs. 2016. In Florida, Hispanics powered the impressive repeat win for Trump, as he evenly split the Hispanic vote in the Sunshine State, per CNN. Clearly, Hispanics coalesce around the America First agenda, from barrios in LA to the Rio Grande Valley to Calle Ocho in Miami.

Working-class citizens of all ethnicities, geographies, races, and creeds benefit from US leaders willing to assert a muscular and enlightened American nationalism. The oligarchs of big business, the permanent political class, and corporate media seek trans-national constructs which undermine American sovereignty for their own narrow self-aggrandizement, to the detriment of the masses.

In his momentous July 2020 speech at Mt. Rushmore, President Trump proclaimed that the United States “represents the culmination of thousands of years of Western Civilization.” The nation-state remains integral to that civilization and we must protect it against the globalists designs of Joe Biden and his Davos dilettantes.

Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes was a Senior Advisor for Strategy at the Trump 2020 campaign.

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