On Day 43, Biden Claimed “Indians Are Taking Over the Country.”


Indians are taking over the country. So says Joe Biden, anyway.

Indian-Americans Are “Taking Over The Country?”

On Thursday, President Joe Biden made a head-turning comment that Americans of Indian descent are “taking over the country” while speaking to aerospace engineer Swati Mohan, a key participant in the Mars Perseverance rover landing.

On a call to congratulate the NASA JPL Perseverance team, Biden said to Mohan, “Indian—of descent—Americans are taking over the country: you; my Vice President; my speechwriter, Vinay. I tell you what. But thank you, you guys are incredible. Did you want to say something?”

Also on Thursday, the White House held a listening session with Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders on harassment and bias against Asian Americans.


Rescue Plan Read-Aloud.

Biden’s fast-track American Rescue Plan met a slowdown Thursday as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) insisted on a full reading of the 628-page, $1.9 trillion bill on the Senate floor. The reading by Senate clerks concluded around 2:05 a.m. on Friday, March 5. 

“Listening to the clerks read the Democrats’ $1.9T bill, it’s amazing how many times you hear the year 2022, 2023 and beyond. I thought all this COVID relief spending was needed *now*,” Johnson tweeted. “$1.9 trillion in additional debt is $5,800 per person. Added to the $4 trillion of earlier relief bills, it’s a debt burden of $18,000 per person. This relief isn’t free.”

The Senate moved on to debate afterwards.

Harris, Netanyahu Connect.

In the latest signal of Vice President Kamala Harris’ expanding foreign policy portfolio, the vice president spoke solo with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday. 

Netanyahu has indirectly criticized Biden’s posture toward Iran, pledging to his supporters that he will “stand against the entire world” to stop a return to the Iran nuclear deal. 

In an interview on Fox News on Thursday, Netanyahu said, “As the prime minister of the one and only Jewish state, we are not going to let a bunch of ayatollahs… wipe us off the map of history.”

Netanyahu affirmed that he considers Biden a friend of Israel—”I think Joe Biden is a friend of Israel. I know he is”—but “Sometimes with the best of friends, we can have differences of opinion.”

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