On Day 72, Biden Refused to Blame the Nation of Islam for the Nation of Islam-Inspired Attack on the Capitol.


On the third Jobs Day of the Biden-Harris presidency, the White House was juggling economic messages in order to make the case for Biden’s next gigantic legislative package.

Jobs Day, Round Three.

The third Jobs Day of the Biden presidency saw a dramatically different tone than the report that preceded the passage of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. 

“Assuming the current pace of job growth holds, employment could be back to pre-pandemic levels around the end of this year,” Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse wrote. Unemployment has edged down from February, when the Biden Administration warned that at the February rate of growth, without the passage of Biden’s stimulus package, “it would take an additional 25 months to get back to the number of jobs we had before the pandemic took hold.”

In remarks on the March employment situation, Biden juggled the message that his American Rescue Plan is working with the message that it’s “temporary by design”—and rebuilding the economy will require investing trillions more through his American Jobs Plan.

“On the economic front, the benefits and the impacts of the American Rescue Plan are temporary by design. It was a— it is a rescue plan,” Biden said. “But as we get the economy back on its feet, we need to do the hard work of building back better for good, for—not just for a while, but for good; not just the short term, but for good. That’s why I proposed the American Jobs Plan on Wednesday in Pittsburgh.”

Psaki Scolds Reporter For Asking About Beijing Olympics.

Press secretary Jen Psaki did not take kindly to a question Friday on United States’ participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in light of Biden’s statement that he would “strongly support” Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to relocate the All-Star Game from Georgia in response to the new voting law.

Q: The President had voiced his support for MLB making a decision about the All-Star Game in Georgia. I’m wondering, when can we expect a final determination from the President about the United States participating in the Beijing Olympics, given that he said the Chinese President doesn’t have a democratic bone in his body?

MS. PSAKI: Well, I think the U.S. Olympic Committee would play a big role in —

Q: But he’s weighed in on Major League Baseball here in United States.

MS. PSAKI: He actually didn’t — I think — I don’t know if you heard the—the answer— the question and the answer that happened a few minutes ago where we addressed this, and I answered the question. So—and I gave you a little more context, but maybe you weren’t paying attention to that part.

Psaki had earlier clarified that the president “was not dictating that Major League Baseball move their game out of Georgia. He was conveying that if that was a decision that was made, that he would certainly support that.”

Biden Releases Statement on Attack On Capitol Police.

The president released a statement condemning the attack on Capitol Police where a man rammed his car into a barrier, killing one officer and injuring another. Although recent statements following other acts of violence suggested that they were part of gender- and race-based trends, the statement did not mention that the driver supported the Nation of Islam, an anti-Semitic black nationalist extremist group.

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