Survey: 95% of Readers Believe Joe Biden is Unfit to Govern.


Just three percent of National Pulse readers believe Joe Biden is capable of exercising the powers of the Office of The President, with a whopping 95 percent stating they believe the U.S. Commander in Chief unfit to govern.

The readers’ survey – found at the bottom of all National Pulse articles – surveyed a total of 16,302 people.

The news comes as rumors in Washington, D.C. circulate about the Vice President’s new nickname: Kamala “Heiress.”

Joe Biden is unfit to govern, readers say.

In March 2021, President Biden fell up the stairs while boarding Air Force One, three times in a row.

He has repeatedly avoided holding press conferences, hosting just one in his first 100 days so far. It did not go well.

At the time of publication, it has been another 21 days since the last Joe Biden press conference.

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