Dems Push Military Inequity Commission ‘Educating Public’ On Discrimination, ‘Apologizing’ To Minorities.


House Democrats introduced a bill to study “inequity” among LGBTQ servicemembers and veterans, creating a commission to advise the government on how to best “apologize” and “educate the American public about institutionalized and government-sanctioned discrimination.”

The bill, introduced by Representatives Mark Takano and Anthony Brown, would establish a 16-person commission to “study the stigmatization, criminalization, and ongoing exclusion and inequity for LGBTQ servicemembers and veterans.”

Broadly, the commission would “identify and compile a corpus of information about the history of military policy regarding homosexuality, from 1778 onward.”

The bill requires the commission to “hold public hearings” in cities across America where LGBTQ members of the Armed Forces and veterans can divulge “their experiences.” The commission would also advise on how “the government may offer an apology for enforcing discrimination that led to psychological, emotional, and physical harm” and “recommend appropriate ways to educate the American public about institutionalized and government-sanctioned discrimination.”

“Diversity and Inclusion policies of the Department of Defense may be revised, and how resources may be committed to diversity training,” the bill also adds before calling for “the service of LGBTQ individuals in the Armed Forces [to] be made more visible in materials distributed by the Secretaries of Defense and Veterans Affairs.”


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.