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Don’t Call Me “Latinx”: Only 1% of Surveyed Hispanics Prefer Far-Left’s Gender-Neutral Moniker.


A nation-wide poll of Hispanic Americans discovered that only an extreme minority believe that “immigration, race relations and education” are pressing issues and that “Latinx” is a term they would apply to themselves.

Twenty-nine percent of those polled stated COVID-19 is the “most pressing issue facing the nation,” with 19 percent saying the most pressing issue was “jobs and the economy.”

A mere 6 percent said “immigration, race relations and education” ranked as the most pressing issue.

The majority of those polled came from the four states of California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

“Each state’s respective respondents were split along ideological bents similar to others in their state,” according to the Center Square. For instance, while 34 percent of Californians identified as liberal and 20 percent of Californians identified as conservative, the Floridians were “evenly split” with 23 percent identifying with each affiliation (liberal and conservative).

An almost entirely unanimous opinion among those polled, however, was “the lack of interest in being labeled ‘Latinx,'” a term leftists claim is more gender neutral and therefore better than “Latino” or “Latina.” Only one percent of Hispanic Americans “preferred to be called the term,” according to the poll results.

Catherine Salgado

Catherine Salgado is a double-major in Classical Languages and Theology and a former contributor to The National Pulse.

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