The Media’s Matt Gaetz Source – Joel Greenberg – Just Pleaded Guilty to Making FALSE Pedophilia Allegations about His Opponents.


Did you know the guy behind the Matt Gaetz allegations just pleaded guilty to making false allegations about sex with a minor about another of his political opponents? The media doesn’t seem to want to report this part of the case, which is available for anyone who wants to read it in Joel Greenberg’s plea deal released on Monday.

Greenberg, a Florida tax collector in Seminole County, pleaded guilty this week to a series of crimes. The corporate media is reporting on his plea deal with prosecutors and the implications for firebrand Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. But there’s something else you need to know, and the media don’t seem keen to tell people.

Greenberg is the only person making accusations about Rep. Gaetz right now – two months in – and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest his animosity is driven by Gaetz’s refusal to get involved in Greenberg’s demands for a pardon from President Trump.

But take a look at Count Twenty-Four in Greenberg’s deal. It’s stunning, and it goes right to the heart of the allegations being made – mostly on the far-left Daily Beast website – about Rep. Gaetz.

Count Twenty-Four, which Greenberg has pleaded guilty to, establishes that Greenberg is a malicious and habitual liar who uses web publications to make false, criminal allegations about his political adversaries.


“The victim of Count Four is a teacher at a school located in the Middle District of Florida (referred to herein as the “Teacher”). On or about October 4, 2019, the Teacher filed with the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections to run for the elected office of Seminole County Tax Collector in the 2020 election. Because the Teacher had filed to run in opposition to him, Greenberg used the mail, an interactive computer service, an electronic communication service, an electronic communication system of interstate commerce, and a facility of interstate commerce to engage in a course of conduct that caused, attempted to cause, and would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to the Teacher.

“Greenberg started by mailing letters. On or about October 10, 2019, Greenberg used the United States Mail to send an anonymous letter that purported to be from a “concerned student.” The letter was mailed from the Middle District of Florida and was addressed to the head of the school where the Teacher worked. The envelope contained an anonymous typed letter addressed to the head of the school that contained information, alleging an inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher. In that letter, Greenberg, posing as a student at the school, falsely represented that he had first-hand knowledge of a sexual relationship between another fictitious student identified as “R[]” and the Teacher. Greenberg, posing as a student at the school, falsely represented that “R[]” admitted to engaging in oral and anal sex with the Teacher and that the incidents took place at the school. Greenberg, posing as a student at the school, signed the-letter “a very concerned student” at the school.”

“Greenberg’s false accusations resulted in local law enforcement conducting a criminal investigation of the Teacher. Florida Statute § 800.101 criminalizes any “authority figure,” such a teacher at school, from soliciting or engaging in sexual conduct, a relationship of a romantic nature, or lewd conduct with a student enrolled at a school. Violations of the statute are second degree felonies.

“Greenberg’s false allegations about the Teacher involved false claims that the Teacher had committed felony criminal offenses. As Greenberg knew when he made those allegations in the letters and in the online posts, those allegations were false. Greenberg made those false allegations to cause substantial emotional distress to the Teacher. After investigating the Teacher, local law enforcement found no support whatsoever for the false allegations that Greenberg had made.”

In brief, Greenberg has pleaded guilty to falsely accusing an innocent man of having sex with a minor. Now, he’s doing the same to Rep. Gaetz.

Perhaps one of the most concerning parts of Greenberg’s plea deal is that it promises him leniency if he provides information that leads to the arrest of another individual, which Biden Department of Justice prosecutors are desperate to make Rep. Gaetz.

But their whole case will rely on the stories of a man who has already pleaded guilty to making almost the exact same false allegations about others. And Mr. Greenberg and the team around him are chief Daily Beast sources on this story: potentially exposing them when the dust of all this settles.

Raheem J. Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse, and former senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage. Kassam is the best-selling author of 'No Go Zones' and 'Enoch Was Right', as well as a co-founder of the War Room podcast, a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a fellow at the Bow Group think tank in London. Kassam is an academic advisory board member at the Institut des Sciences Sociales, Economiques et Politiques in Lyon, France.

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