Far Left Twitter Users Tried to Sabotage a Nigel Farage Rally… Here’s How They Failed Miserably.


Far-left Twitter users – including verified accounts and so-called “reporters” – published links to a speaking tour organized by the libertarian FreedomWorks group hosting nationwide rallies featuring Brexit leader Nigel Farage. Their aim was to sabotage the tour, and humiliate the former Member of the European Parliament. They failed. Here’s how.

On May 17th, The National Pulse’s members got wind of the attempt by far-left accounts openly boasting about committing fraud online. From there, they set about creating a spreadsheet entitled: “Farage Event Scammer Tracking Sheet.”

This voluntary, grassroots effort provided real time information to the event organizers on who was sharing the links, and who was registering as a result.

The information allowed FreedomWorks – in addition to their own security measures in place – to humiliate the left-wing accounts who quickly attempted to spread false information about Farage only attracting “14 people” to an event in Pittsburgh as a result of their work.

The only problem? There are quite a lot of pictures that show a packed out Pittsburgh event, with hundreds of real people showing up to hear the Brexit champion.

Trolls pushed fake news to cover their humiliation.

Soon after the false claims attracted thousands of retweets, and tens of thousands of “likes,” FreedomWorks released images disproving the claims:

The National Pulse’s members – fondly (and humorously) known as The National Pulse’s Artist Collective – even assessed the threats being leveled from some of the web scammers.

Scammers include far-left “reporter” Peter Jukes, who led a lot of the Russia hoax reporting since 2016; Chris Vickery from the cyber-security firm UpGuard; POLITICO writer “Otto English” aka Andrew Scott; Irish Times “reporter” Peter McGuire; government healthcare lobbyist Julia Grace; and others.

UpGuard and Twitter had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Today, The National Pulse is publishing a list of all the accounts who either endorsed, promoted, or shared the cyberscam aimed at Farage and FreedomWorks.

You can join The National Pulse Artists Collective by clicking here (trolls will be ruthlessly outed).

Here’s a list of the accounts engaged in the fraud:

Name Handle Purchase Name Ticket Info #’s Notable Comments
Peter Jukes, CEO of ByLine @peterjukes
Chris Vickery, Dir of Cyber Research at UpGuard @VickerySec
Otto English, journalist @Otto_English Website: https://thepinprickcom.wordpress.com/
Peter McGuire, journalist @PeterMcGuireIE Website: petermcguire.contently.com
Dr Julia Patterson, CEO of EveryDoctorUK @JujuliaGrace Website: everydoctor.org.uk
Crochet Kris @Kris10_McGregor
RealGHTThomas @GeraintTwomas
Cory Eisentraut @TheRealEisey
gruntrageous @gruntmongous ray,cist@gmail.com
Franc Hughes @ThatFrancHughes Hugh Janus 12 tix ordered
TickTock @BrexitClock wayne.king@hotmail.com
eve graham @evegraham1961 nothisc*ntagain@hotmail.com #1725306223
Paul Blackburn @prblackburn
Celerysorbet @celerysorbet
Coco the Canadian Socialist Rat @RJ_Mcnaughton
Jamsey and Mikey @Nicky6211 fuhrage@grifter.com #1725250729
Dawn M @dawny1875
Rob Mewes @MewesRob Wight Mr. Wing (2 tickets)
Fiona Humphries @FHumphries02 nigella.flange@wanscock.com
Duncan CLark @duncaneclark
Antony Gatley @antonyGatley Tits Magee
Dr Chris McKillop @atscmc
Craig @craig44mckend
Seóirse Redemption @georgeismynameo 2 tickets
Pam @hadenoughnow 2 tickets
AJP @TheNailer66 2 tickets; Mike Hunt and Dolph Finn
Aimee Searle @Unicorntastic1
Jon @jonbeetle 2 tickets
Nick @bigdaftdad #1725237481 Julian Assange
Alison Brogden @brogali 2 tickets
Sarah King @SarahFBPE Hugh Janus
Richard Moir @RichardMoir1977 m.bormann@hotmail.com 2 tickets
Browns of Chester Forever @bizzy2711
dontdrinkthekoolaid @auntyDisinfo Richard Head
John Grinsell @blueledge58 “we should be making plans for Nigel”
ImperfectProduct @ImperProduct 2 tickets
JonEd @JonEd73
Gary Hodgson #FBPE @radishroot2002 2 tickets
Beth @alwaysdescendin gammons4dayz@hotmail.com 2 tickets
Rev James Bissett @revinthenorth Recommending adding characters to email to buy more tickets
Dale @dalevich 2 tickets
Helen Gill @heleng268 PI Staker
Neil Blake @NMBLAKE
RevShuna @shunad
Gotta tape I wanna play #blm @floraisadora
Spencer @heavenlybrute e.powell@gmail.com 1725232697
Esraym Werks @grayshuss 1725275611 Nigel Farage (himself)
Stephen @fritzdorfsport 1725330471 Nigella Farage
Loft4Words @Loft4W 1725278919 Phil Maboots
Dr Meenal Viz @drmeenalviz lpfreely@yahoo.com 2 tickets
HopefulishHater @hopefulhater1 Phil McGroin
Stu Allison @lallison_stu Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell
dan timmons @timmonsdan
Amanda @milmolaman 2 tickets
Raul Duke @bezoomy “just booked 10 using the same fake email”
Claudia Carter @wanitywelsh Nigel
Matthew Jenkins @moleyholeyads Matthew Jenkins; 2 tickets
Digital Maverick @digitalmaverick
Danny B @cromulentdb
Laura @toddy99
North Country Boy #FBPA #FBPR @NorthCountryBo4 2 tickets
Mark Holt @drdavy
Allan Wilson @allanwilson1979
adam @adam05318462 2 tickets
Anthony Burke @anthonyburke4 anthony-burke@live.ie 2 tickets
Dogonabike @2WheelerZ 2 tickets
Andrew @AndrewFellow5 Titania
Royston Vassey @royston_vassey
Drew Burrett @drewburrett 2 tickets
Seteve McMahon @stevemcmahon13 waynekerr69@hotmail.com Wayne Kerr, 2 tickets
Justin McKenzie @mac_justin 2 tickets
MrKinver @kevinKinver 2 tickets
Emma M @ElMenhinnitt67 2 tickets
Steve Holderness @coedkernew 1725288237 2 tickets
Trev Hewson @trevhewsongy
FranK @FranK19771226
enile @enile
Toby Rogers @TMR_Toby
Joe @MrJoeGooch Hugh Jarsehole
BlueChairs @BChairs racist.nige@yahoo.co.uk 1725296673 1 ticket
Rich D @thatsoundsbloke 2 tickets
Emmis the Storyteller @emmisstories 1 ticket
JRM @jrmudge Hugh Janus
Evan @Evanderstap
Jim Byrne @jimbyrne Amanda Hugandkiss, 2 tickets
Ste Mcpartland @SteMcP 2 tickets
Mike Boyle @trueseadog Doris Bonkers, 2 tickets
Jules Foddy @julesfoddy 1725293355 Hugh Janus, 2 tickets
Graeme Puttock @graemePuttock Biggus Dickus and Incontinentia Buttocks
Rob @bobbyjxxl
Ticklin -Sticks @Tim_Burgess
OrneryJocko @bruceshields12 Joe Bay, 2 tickets
Sarah Masked and bubbled @lunchypoos1 ransidbum@gmial.com 1825300209 1 ticket
Ozzy @PhilipOsborn14 Hugh Jardon
Edna Mode @Mrs_Edna_Mode 2 tickets
aye, Have a voice @kuantanculrs yer da sells avon
auchterurra @auchterurra yermazamatres@hotmail.com 1 ticket
Catherine Kavanagh @KavanaghCk Gammon, 2 tickets
Tom Watson @TomWatson1971 maga.gammon@qanon.com
Lana Pearce @IamLananPearce 2 tickets
dickon bevington @dickonb Rex Ithurtus 1725301542 ? 2 tickets
freddie @crazyfacedzigs 1 ticket
stubbornly socialist @foalythecentaur 17253304371 2 tickets
Dawn Welsh @dawnwelsh5
LittleGravitas @littlegravitas farrahjanus@ 2 tickets
TheRealMrSteve @reallymrsteve 1725298665 Maseef Tuwat; 2 tickets
Just Rhodes @justrhodes 2 tickets
fbpe living in a tory police state @spiderdijon 2 tickets
michael turner @mmturner1 1825306789 ordered by dick
stubbornly socialist @foalythecentaur 1725308245 dolphinwinner@hotmail.com
simon edwards @simon2804 mr juan kerr; 2 tickets
kevin atkins @kjamesatkins letsbee avenue; 2 tickets
maff @maffking biris jinsohn
sprots tv producer @sportsTVprod hugh.janus@
dr elizabeth ferris bem @lizzy_ferret Yura Neejit; 2 tickest
maggie moo @scotslassnow Greta Thunderberg
peter gevaxed der kort janssen @kortpet untledic@gmail.com 2 tickets
The Dreaded Lurgy @thedreadedlurgy Huw Garse
Ross McVinnie @rmcvinnie
Carl @carl_rocks philmypockets@hotmail.com 1725313265 2 tickets
Glen Wilkin @glenWilkin
Harr @harr
Thierry **StaySafe** JT @JamboDes 1725312731
sarahnova19 @sarahnova19 Raye Seiste, 2 tickets
mister incrodible @Fernby michaeltoris@gmail.com 1725317231 Michael Toris, 2 tickets
mkingdon @mkingdon Mr Brainless Gammon
Mark Olive @markoliv Fanny Bumlicker, 2 tickets
Pete @75jacko nigelloveshitler@gmail.com 1725319707
Claire Niven @claireygirly Donald Trump, 2 tickets
Andy @andywash Brexit Wanker
Bruce McPheson @brucemcpherson Donald Trump, 2 tickets
food bank mania @foodbankmania 2 tickets
ross donaldson @orkneyrd 1725327833 eileen dover
chris @cpfc7791 sue bank
simon stokes @s_stokes freddie,
ashley perry @ashleyperryuk
michelle the disilllustioned tweeter @michellethomp1 asif_imgonnacum@nochance.com
paul elmore @petrolhead28 sieheil@gmail.com 1 ticket

Raheem J. Kassam

Raheem Kassam is the Editor-in-Chief of the National Pulse, and former senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage. Kassam is the best-selling author of 'No Go Zones' and 'Enoch Was Right', as well as a co-founder of the War Room podcast, a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a fellow at the Bow Group think tank in London. Kassam is an academic advisory board member at the Institut des Sciences Sociales, Economiques et Politiques in Lyon, France.

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