WATCH: CCP Advisor Declares Trade and Biological Warfare Victory, Claims America Has Been ‘Beaten Back’.


A Chinese Communist Party adviser and professor has asserted that the regime “won” the “biological warfare” battle against the U.S. in an unearthed video while bragging about how the U.S. has been “beaten back to its original shape.”

The stunning video admission comes just days after more news outlets in the Western world back-peddled on their initial, unfounded claims that the COVID-19 virus developed naturally.

Ping Chen, a Professor of Economics at Peking University, and Senior Research Fellow at Fudan University, commented that “in 2020, China won the trade war, science & technology war, and especially the biological war.”

His resume also reveals he “served as an expert advisor to China’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security, China Development Bank, Shanghai City government, and Fengyang County in Anhui Province.”

“The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the US is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the US was beaten back to its original shape,” he added in an unearthed video later translated into English.

“So I think Trump’s attempt to restore the declining international status of the US during his 4 years has failed,” the Chinese Communist Party adviser also noted.

“This failure is not only the failure of Trump’s personal campaign for re-election as president, but also the failure of the neo-liberalism-led globalization of the past four decades led by the US and the UK. Therefore, the development & modernization model of the US and Europe is not worthy of China’s imitation and repetition,” the research fellow at Columbia University’s Center of Capitalism and Society revealed.

The remarks follow continued reporting – and even acknowledgments from mainstream media outlets – on how COVID-19 likely came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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