Day 116: If A President Hits A Golf Ball And No One Hears It…


When President Joe Biden can’t take the full weekend, he adds a little extra.

Extra Overnight On Wilmington Weekend.

Instead of returning from his weekend in Wilmington, Delaware, as planned last Sunday evening, President Joe Biden’s weekend itinerary lasted into Monday morning, presumably because Biden had to spend part of Saturday in the Oval Office and on the phone with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. Biden departed for Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday evening, and delayed his arrival back to Washington, D.C., until Monday mid-morning. 

This wasn’t on Memorial Day weekend, this was on the weekend prior. An extra long weekend for the “Commander-in-Chief.”

Biden wore a mask as he went about at least some of his Sunday activities, including mass at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church, even though it isn’t necessary according to updated Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance—which Dr. Anthony Fauci says were “based on the evolution of the science.”

The president doesn’t always play golf on the weekend, but when he does, it’s in the middle of sustained conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, while his regime continues to prop up the latter, and ease sanctions on their state-sponsor, Iran.

The White House pool report reflected that on Sunday afternoon, Biden went to Fieldstone Golf Club near his home in Wilmington—but there was next-to-no press coverage of that outing, just a few tweets from reporters and a mention in the Daily Mail. The White House did not reveal who was part of the golfing foursome.

Golfing during a crisis just isn’t what it used to be.

“The Science” Evolves, Develops Policy In Precise Real Time.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky denied Sunday that the updated mask guidance had anything to do with an evolving political calculation—just evolving science. 

“It certainly would have been easier if this science had evolved a week earlier and I didn’t have to go to Congress making this statement,” Walensky said, referring to her statement before Congress—one day before the new guidance was issued—that masking must be maintained. “But I’m delivering the science… and you know, it evolved over this last week.”

Walensky also clarified that this “evolving data” in no way constituted “permission for widespread removal of masks,” and that private citizens should be following an “honor system.”

“The honor system is to be honest with yourself,” Walensky said. “If you are vaccinated, we are saying you are safe, you can take off your mask, and you are not at risk of severe disease or hospitalization from COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated, you are not safe. Please go get vaccinated or continue to wear your mask.”

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