New Evidence COVID-19 Was Manufactured in a Chinese Lab – Study.


A “bombshell” new study is claiming to have evidence that Covid-19 was created in a lab by Chinese scientists, who then attempted to re-engineer versions of the coronavirus to indicate natural evolution from bats.

Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen and British Professor Angus Dalgleish collaborated on the “soon-to-be-published” study. The pair claim they have had primary evidence of Chinese “retro-engineering” as far back as last year. Major medical journals and academics ignored the evidence, however. According to the New York Post:

“Dalgleish is a London oncology professor known for breakthrough work on a vaccine for HIV. Sørensen is a virologist and chair of the pharmaceutical company Immunor, which developed a coronavirus vaccine candidate called Biovacc-19. Dalgleish also has a financial stake in that company.

It was during their COVID-19 vaccine research that the pair came across ‘unique fingerprints’ indicating the virus didn’t come from nature, they said.  The telltale clue: a rare finding in the COVID-carrying virus of a row of four amino acids, which give off a positive charge and bond to negative human cells.

‘The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids in a row,’ Dalgleish told the Daily Mail. ‘The only way you can get this is if you artificially manufacture it.'”

Sørensen and Dalgleish tracked published Chinese research as well, including work done in collaboration with US universities, in an effort to demonstrate how the tools necessary to create Covid-19 virus could have been built.

Much of the reviewed work was related to “gain of function” research.  Gain of function research involves the manipulation in a lab of naturally occurring viruses to increase their infectiousness, so as to examine the viruses’ potential effect on humans.

While the United States did put a moratorium on “gain of function” research back in 2014, even Dr. Fauci last week admitted to Congress that $600,000 of medical research funding for China may have been used for their gain of function research.

Sørensen and Dalgleish said that, while a natural virus would normally mutate “gradually” and become less pathogenic, and more infectious, that trend has not been apparently occurring with the Covid-19 pandemic.  The study comes to the conclusion that “the likelihood of it [the virus] being the result of natural processes is very small.”

Catherine Salgado

Catherine Salgado is a double-major in Classical Languages and Theology and a former contributor to The National Pulse.

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