Day 123: Notre Dame Holds Commencement Sans “Devout Catholic” President.


Biden’s notable absence from the University of Notre Dame commencement underscored the divide between the “devout Catholic” president and many devout Catholics.

Pro-Abortion President Skips Notre Dame Commencement.

A “scheduling conflict” prevented President Joe Biden from attending the University of Notre Dame’s Sunday, May 23 commencement mass on Sunday, while more than 4,600 Notre Dame students, alumni, and community members petitioned the school’s president not to host the second Catholic U.S. president due to his pro-abortion stance.

Despite the petition, Notre Dame leadership did invite the president, but Biden was unable to attend, according to the White House. However, official weekend guidance indicated the president had a sparse schedule in Wilmington, Delaware, for most of the weekend.

Either a president or vice president from each of the past three administrations has addressed the school, but the tradition of inviting the president is not unbroken; former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton reportedly did not receive invitations. An address given by former president Barack Obama in 2009 stirred controversy due to his support for abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

In the letter protesting Biden’s invite, signees wrote,

The case against honoring [Biden] is immeasurably stronger than it was against honoring President Obama, an action that alienated countless Catholics and brought upon Notre Dame the harsh criticism of 83 cardinals, archbishops and bishops . . . By honoring Biden, Notre Dame would make a bad situation worse. The University would be seen as little troubled by Biden’s actions, the voice of a more “progressive” Catholic Church. Catholics—including especially Catholic politicians—and others who share Biden’s views would be confirmed in their ruinous error while others would be newly led astray.

Notre Dame president Holy Cross Father John Jenkins waxed eloquent in a January 2021 interview on his hope that Biden’s “personal convictions” would equip him “to lead our nation to a better position on this tortured topic” of abortion, while reprimanding American Catholics for attacking political opponents by calling “their faith, their motives and their moral character” into question.

Corpses At The Border.

Not only are illegal border crossings skyrocketing under Biden—so are border crossing deaths.

“In Brooks County in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest corridor for illegal crossings, local officials have recovered 40 bodies of migrants in the brush so far this year. In all of 2020, they found 34 bodies,” a May 22 AP news wire reported.

“On an almost daily basis, the Webb County Medical Examiner receives a dead border crosser,” reaching 108 by May 20, a Laredo, Texas, NBC affiliate reported

Adult migrants often choose more difficult routes over deadly terrain to avoid capture, whereas family units may willingly encounter authorities with the hope of being processed and released into the United States. Single male adults fleeing border patrol officers on foot can be seen in drone footage captured by a Fox News Flight Team on Sunday, while a large group of mostly Romanian and Guatemalan families were seen presenting themselves in an orderly fashion.

But Dr. Corinne Stern, the Webb County medical examiner, said she has seen more women and children than usual in 2021, and that about 20 percent of the corpses recovered from the wilderness have tested positive for COVID-19—of those that are not too decomposed to test.

Meanwhile, more than 60,000 migrants have been released into the United States on Biden’s watch, encouraging more to attempt the trek. U.S. farmers along the Texas border “say they are routinely drawn into gut-wrenching, emotional, personal dramas of people who come onto their lands after suffering abuse of abandonment by smugglers,” an Austin, Texas, NBC affiliate reports.

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