REVEALED: Soros Bankrolls AOC’s Anti-Billionaire NYC Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley.


Anti-American billionaire George Soros has funneled over half a million dollars into the campaign of New York City Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley.

Revealed in a recent New Yorker article covering the candidate, Soros’s ties to Wiley transcend support for her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed mayoral campaign. Wiley has also worked as a Senior Advisor to the Director of U.S. Programs at Soros’s Open Society Institute and served on the board of other Soros-funded groups such as the Tides Foundation.

Wiley’s ties to Soros, a billionaire megadonor, appear to be at odds with her campaign promises.

“If we don’t come together as a movement, we will get a New York City built by and for billionaires,” Wiley tweeted to promote her endorsement from Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

Wiley Tweet.

Wiley’s campaign site also notes that her campaign isn’t “funded by special interests” but rather “by New Yorkers.” “It means that New Yorkers in every corner of the City can make their voice heard without being billionaires,” the site hypocritically continues.

And despite Wiley’s insistence that billionaire’s need to “put on the table what they can put on the table not just to recover this city, but recover us in a way that makes us more fair and more just,” a recent exposé revealed that Soros pays little to no income tax on the wealth he’s drawing from to support Wiley.

And the $500,000 donation from Soros to an independent expenditure group backing Wiley doesn’t include “about $16,000 in direct contributions to Wiley’s campaign by Soros, members of his family and associates through his Open Society Foundations,” The New York Post notes.

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