White House Quickly Deletes Fauci Video Telling Vaccinated People To Avoid Unvaccinated People.


The White House Twitter account quickly deleted a video of Anthony Fauci pushing Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in response to the emerging “Delta Variant,” re-posting an edited version of the video excluding a portion where Fauci instructs vaccinated people to “avoid congregate settings” with unvaccinated people.

Posted to Joe Biden’s official Twitter account, the original June 24th post included Fauci answering the following question:

Are there special precautions that vaccinated people should be taking, as well as unvaccinated people?

“Vaccinated people, even though they’re very very well protected, they still should try as best as possible to avoid congregate settings in which there are a lot of unvaccinated people, particularly if you happen to live in an area where the infection rate is high and the vaccination rate is low,” he answers.

The video including Fauci imploring vaccinated people to avoid those who are unvaccinated was replaced by the following post, which includes a two-minute video where Fauci pushes a similar message: vaccines are the best way to combat the Delta variant.

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