‘Litigation is Forthcoming’: Matt Gaetz Exposes Media Lies About Him, Threatens Action.


Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz has released a new video/podcast with explosive details of the establishment plot against him which began with a New York Times hit piece published in March this year. 

Since the original story in March – which alleged Rep. Gaetz had been on “sugar daddy/baby” websites and claimed he had even sex trafficked minors across state lines – no named accusers nor any proof has emerged of the scandalous claims.

Now, Rep. Gaetz has told his incredible side of the story, including details about State Department contractor Bob Kent, and how the shakedown he alleges was used against him was actually already successfully tried on another high-profile individual.

“Litigation is forthcoming,” Gaetz states as he discusses the establishment media’s rush to misreport the facts surrounding his private life.

He is also joined by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for a discussion on the future of the America First movement.

You can listen on any podcast platform, or watch below.

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