GIULIANI: Biden Knew Exactly What He Was Doing in Afghanistan… Putting America Last.


The American people deserve the truth as to why Biden purposely and knowingly gave Afghanistan to the Taliban just shy of the twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attack on American soil.

Robert Gates, Obama’s Defense secretary, wrote that in over three decades Biden never made the right decision about foreign policy. This abhorring legacy lives on.

The only explanation Biden has given to the dismal withdrawal strategy in Afghanistan was that he was stuck with it because of President Trump.

But that did not hinder Biden from reversing almost all of the prior administration’s decisions big, medium, and small.

The Keystone XL pipeline was reversed on day one of the Biden administration, along with reengaging with the reckless nuclear agreement with Iran and most suspiciously granting Russia the ability to build another pipeline to Europe, against the advice of his own advisors. Our open Southern Border has been a breeding ground for drugs, sex slave rings, and other criminal activity.

The prior administration approved a withdrawal from Afghanistan but with conditions and without a developed plan. No previous administration can be held responsible for an execution that takes place seven months into the next. There was ample time for the Biden administration to assess the conditions on the ground. 

Biden’s four-day delay in making any statement about this continuing catastrophe before placing blame on everyone but himself only served to highlight the complete breakdown of American Presidential leadership. It was entirely unprecedented. When faced with mistakes his predecessors spoke immediately and took full responsibility. President Kennedy immediately explained and took responsibility for the Bay of Pigs. He knew although prepared by President Eisenhower, he could have pulled the plug at any time.

President Carter the very next day took responsibility for the disaster of the aborted rescue mission for the Iranian hostages. President Reagan immediately addressed the Hezbollah attacks in Lebanon and the aborted Challenger flight.

The decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the timing of the withdrawal are two vastly different decisions. Both are controversial and opposed by significant numbers in the military and intelligence services. The decision to end the war does have broad support. The timing and circumstances are much more controversial because the aim was to execute it without creating a blood bath and turning Afghanistan into an Islamic Super State.

According to reliable sources both in and outside of the administration, Biden was warned that a complete pullout at this time without firm agreements about protecting the government would lead to a complete Taliban takeover.

Twenty years ago, it was a government controlled by the Taliban who were major supporters of Islamic jihad experienced terrorists seeking to set up a broad, if not worldwide, Islamic caliphate. They also were a fertile protected area for Al Qaeda and other terrorists’ groups to plan major terrorist attacks on the United States and other Western countries. 

Now we are right back to that same scenario as if we did not learn anything. Our 13 U.S service members did not need to be slaughtered.

A whistleblower released the transcript of the now infamous Biden-Ghani phone call where you can hear Biden asking for a new perception of the Taliban.

The debate over to stay in Afghanistan or leave is over ten years old. It is described as America’s longest war. It seems as if it is forced into an either-or decision; leave or remain at war. Leaving has always created the realistic risk that we would restore the planning grounds for future 9/11 attacks.

When I sat with Governor George Pataki at the Joint Session of Congress when President George W. Bush laid out the war against the extremist Islamic terrorists, he emphasized that it would be a long war. Immediately I recalled the 44-year Cold War where patience, endurance, commitment of massive military strength and brilliant negotiations won the war eventually without firing a shot.

Using our long-term commitment to troops in Europe and Asia to contain communism, I hoped President Bush would begin to prepare the American people for a similar commitment of troops to the Middle East and Asia. The theory of this doctrine would be that sufficient American troops should be deployed where groups are planning to kill Americans and even attack our homeland. If that had been done, America could declare the war in Afghanistan over and leave troops as we did in Germany, South Korea, Italy, and Qatar. This has been the basis for eight decades of American troops deployed in places overseas deemed vital to the defense of the United States.

The most extraordinary of all the reckless actions of the Biden administration was leaving Bagram Air Base without warning in the dark of night. Biden left behind billions of dollars in weapons, munitions, explosives, land vehicles, Apache helicopters and sensitive tracing technology. Overnight the Biden administration made the Taliban and the other terrorist groups in Afghanistan among the best equipped in the world. The Chinese Communist Party can now re-engineer the equipment and once again steal our intellectual property.

But even worse, the duplicitous Biden administration justified its withdrawal from Afghanistan so it could focus more on the threat of China. Whomever was responsible for giving up the Bagram Air Base and its equipment 400 miles from China and 500 miles from Iran should resign now. 

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is an American lawyer and politician who served as mayor of New York City (1994–2001). He was especially known for his handling of the September 11 attacks of 2001.

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