The Biden Effect: Attorney General Merrick Garland Tanks in Latest Approval Data.

Everything Biden-related is collapsing fast.


Newly released Rasmussen polling data shows Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland facing collapsing favorability numbers amongst Likely U.S. Voters, following Biden’s own steep popularity decline.

Garland – once tipped as a Supreme Court Justice – saw his favorability among Likely U.S. Voters drop even compared to unpopular predecessors such as Donald Trump’s first Attorney General (AG), Jeff Sessions.

Conducted between October 21st and 24th, the polling participants came from a broad yet equal range of voter demographics. Rasmussen pollsters focused on two questions: voters’ impression of AG Garland, and whether he is doing a better or worse job than previous AGs.

Results found forty-two percent (42 percent) of those surveyed felt Garland is perceived to be doing a worse job than the previous attorneys general. This follows a similar pattern to polls taken under the Trump administration, wherein Attorney General Jeff Sessions polled favorably in 2017 especially compared to Obama AG Eric Holder.

Garland’s own ranking is substantially lower than Sessions, making him one of the least popular attorneys general in the past few decades.

When broken down by demographic, Garland was ranked “worse” by every group except for registered Democrats and Liberal voters, who rated him twenty-three percent (23 percent) and forty-one percent (41 percent) better than previous AGs respectively.

These results were held by a small margin, with forty-percent (40 percent) of women and forty-five percent (45 percent) of men reporting they felt Garland was “worse” than previous attorneys general.

The rapidly-declining support of Garland heralds another blow to the Biden regime’s poll numbers in recent weeks.

Garland has recently been called out for his “war on parents” after the release of a Justice Department memorandum directing the FBI and federal law enforcement to probe and potentially prosecute parents deemed to be “harassing” and “threatening” school board members.

It was also discovered that Garland’s son-in-law is a co-founder of the group Panorama Education, which sells the progressive education materials outraging parents on a national level. Garland has denied financial conflicts of interest in his decision-making, but failed to elaborate further on the matter when questioned.

With violent crime and murder at highest-ever recorded levels in the United States, the Rasmussen poll findings on Garland’s unpopularity may also have something to do with the AG’s preference to reduce prison sentences for drug trafficker’s and gang members, all-but ignoring the criminal crisis plaguing every American voter.

Kay Smythe contributed to this report.

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