The Russia Lie… And How We Told You So.

This eBook released exclusively by The National Pulse in 2020 is now available for free.


Many got The Russia Lie wrong. Far from a hoax sourced in Russian disinformation, it was a political hit involving Fiona Hill, The Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council, the DNC, the FBI, the CIA, the Clintons, foreign intelligence services, Fusion GPS, CrowdStrike, Perkins Coie, top-Republicans, and the extreme naivety of those who trust sclerotic institutions.

We described it for you in this short ebook published in September 2020. Now that U.S. Attorney John Durham has indicted a Brookings Institution researcher, we wanted to remove this book from the paywall and offer it for free, so we could say, “told you so.”

You may not have heard this version because the news is often written by Washington insiders who were okay with using invasive tools designed to fight the Cold War to “Get Trump” — vindicating President Eisenhower’s warning about the “military industrial complex,” which has only become more bold in the Biden regime.

Those who follow The National Pulse know that what we publish in January usually becomes a headline everywhere else in March. We were first to Fauci, Wuhan, and gain-of-function. We published “The Insurrection Lie” on January 13, 2021. Durham is showing that our unique take on The Russia Lie nailed it.

If you want to see where Durham may go next, read this first. Enjoy (and share)! This round’s on us.

Read below now, or download the PDF for free, here. 

Thomas J. Farnan

Thomas J. Farnan is an attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in Forbes and he is a regular contributor to and the Observer. Follow him on Twitter @tfarnanlaw.

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