‘Explode It’: ISIS Using China’s TikTok To Plot Terror Attacks In The West.


Chinese social media platform TikTok is being used by ISIS to recruit followers to carry out terrorist attacks in the West.

An investigation by The Sun found “dozens of accounts on the social network, which is popular with children, posting ISIS propaganda and inciting hatred against non-Muslims.”

Content included in the videos included calls urging supporters to carry out mass-casualty terrorist attacks over Christmas.

One of the videos posted this week urged supporters to launch mass-casualty terrorist attacks in the West during the Christmas holidays.

The video features moody background sounds and starts by describing Christmas as “the celebration of the Kufar [non-Muslims] & Crusaders.

“They do not believe in Allah, and they make fun of the sacred. They are Shaytan [Devil] slaves,” one video begins before showing scenes of Christmas markets and celebrations. After the holiday montage, the narrator adds:

“Prepare yourself, O soldier of Allah to shed the blood of these Kufar.”

The video also calls for ISIS followers to become suicide bombers, explaining how to “enter the crowds disguised in their clothes.”

“Explode it and plant panic and terror in their hearts,” the video encourages.

A TikTok video is telling ISIS supports to carry out terror attacks over christmas

The Sun found “dozens” of accounts sharing similar content, including a “woman in a burka who posted an apparent surveillance video of buildings and structures in Germany. Captioned “May Allah accept you into Paradise,” the video begins with the sound of police sirens.

The platform’s unearthed ties to Islamic terrorism follow a Trump administration crusade to ban the platform from operating in the U.S. – an effort recently quashed by the Biden White House – over credible fears related to the app’s national security and data privacy threats.

Beyond national security concerns, the company’s founder has also pledged to use ByteDance to promote “socialist core values” and foster adherence to the Chinese Communist Party’s “ideology, political thinking, and deeds.”

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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