Professors Face Prosecution for Study Finding Migrants Commit More Rapes.


Professors from Sweden’s Lund University are facing prosecution from the country’s Ministry of Education for their “ethics” behind a paper demonstrating how most rapes are committed by migrants.

Professor Kristina Sundquist and her colleagues are under investigation by the Board of Appeal for Ethical Review, a body that reports directly to the Swedish Ministry of Education, over whether or not they had “ethical license” to handle “sensitive data.”

The data in question relates to the identities of rapists in Sweden, which culminated in the paperSwedish Rape Offenders — A Latent Class Analysis.

The published results reveal that immigrants are disproportionately overrepresented in rape cases and commit the vast majority of sexual violence, though the authors did not originally set out to find a link between the variable and rape.

“Immigrants were just a variable, and it turned out to be quite a remarkable discovery as there were many immigrants and foreign-born people in this group,” said Professor Sundquist.

In light of these findings, the Swedish Ministry of Education’s body launched an investigation into whether or not the professor had “ethical permission” to “test the hypothesis if immigrants are overrepresented in statistics on convicted rapists.”

The scientists were also criticized for insufficient evaluation as they failed to indicate how their research should “reduce exclusion and improve integration.”

Professor Ardavan Khoshnood, co-author of the paper, responded by calling the prosecution a “shame,” adding that he and his colleagues – including an immigrant co-author – are accused of “conducting and publishing illegal research.”

“The purpose of the study was not to find out what immigration is like. Surprisingly, this variable turned out to be quite important, and we didn’t know in advance what the study would show. We wanted to create a profile of the perpetrator, to know who the typical perpetrator is,” he added.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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