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National Pulse Patriot of The Year 2021: Stephen K. Bannon.

The second annual award goes to War Room host Steve Bannon.


The National Pulse is today announcing its second annual Patriot of the Year Award, handing the honor to former White House Chief Strategist and host of the War Room: Pandemic podcast, Stephen K. Bannon.

Bannon, 68, rose to major national attention in 2016, helping lead the Trump campaign to a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party machine. Since then, Bannon has served as Chief Strategist in the White House, and founded the wildly successful War Room: Pandemic podcast alongside former Trump comms chief Jason Miller and National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam.

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Bannon is the son of Doris and Martin Bannon. He attended Virginia Tech, becoming student union president before joining the U.S. Navy while simultaneously earning a master’s degree in national security studies then an MBA from Harvard Business School.

A young Bannon.

Bannon served on the USS Paul F. Foster and then as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon, in Virginia.

After leaving the Navy, Bannon went to work for Goldman Sachs, where he would spend several years learning about the globalist business operations of the types of establishment elites he now rails against on his twice-daily show.

After a few years, he set up his own operation out of Hollywood, where he infamously brokered a deal which involved him retaining a financial stake in the hit sitcom Seinfeld. Société Générale purchased his firm – Bannon & Co. – in 1998.

Bannon himself has made a number of movies, including the Reagan epic In the Face of Evil and 2012’s Occupy Unmasked.

Shortly after the financial crisis of 2009, Bannon teamed up with legendary conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart. The pair would go on to make plans for Breitbart news website including foreign bureaus around the world. Breitbart died of a heart attack in 2012, leaving Bannon as executive chairman. He built the site into a global hub of populist/nationalist conservatism which shocked and terrified the establishment media and political class.

In August 2016, having hosted the Breitbart News Daily radio show for years, Bannon was asked to join the Trump campaign as its chief executive. At the time, the campaign was down across almost all swing states. It was Bannon’s steadfastness and discipline that helped the campaign recalibrate and get through the infamous “Billy Bush weekend” where a tape featuring candidate Trump making lewd comments in private was released.

Since leaving the White House and then Breitbart News, Bannon has built a right-wing powerhouse in the shape of the War Room podcasts. The show is now viewed as one of the most important in all political and news media around the world, and was the first to recognize the danger of the oncoming pandemic even before the World Health Organization, Anthony Fauci, and others.

Bannon and his team would consistently be proved correct about the Chinese Communist Party – a adversary close to his heart – and the origins of the virus.

Since the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol, Bannon has been the focus of the fraudulent January 6th Commission, charged with contempt of Congress, and held up as a hate figure, once again, by the corporate left media.

Speaking on the announcement of the award, National Pulse editor-in-chief recognized this political persecution as one of the reasons we wanted to honor Bannon this year:

When I heard Steve was being held in contempt by Congress I text him to let him know that there is no body in the world I would wish to be held in contempt by more than this current Congress. It is a badge of honor and should be worn thusly. We are delighted to award Steve with our second annual Patriot of the Year award not just due to his courage in standing up to the corrupt political elites, the Chinese Communist Party, and radical Islamists the world over, but because of his indefatigable stewardship of the conservative movement across the Western world, and his tireless commitment to the founding principles of this republic. I’m proud to call Steve a mentor, a friend, and the National Pulse’s Patriot of the Year 2021.

The National Pulse is a leading conservative news and investigations website founded in 2015 and taken over by author and editor Raheem Kassam in 2020. The site and its stories reached nearly 60 million people in 2021.

The National Pulse now attracts a larger audience than the Spectator USAThe American Conservative, the American Spectator, and the Washington Free Beacon.

From December 20121, ‘super-backers’ of The National Pulse website through its crowd-funding platform ‘Fund Real News’ will receive a framed portrait of the Patriot of The Year. You can click here to get yours here, today.

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