christopher brito
christopher brito

RECEIPTS: CBS Producer Who Wants to ‘Punish’ Unvaxxed Americans Once Claimed ‘Vaccines Don’t Work’.


A CBS News producer shaming unvaccinated Americans and appearing to call for the punishment of athletes abstaining from the COVID-19 jabs previously declared “vaccines don’t work” in a 2013 tweet, The National Pulse can reveal.

In yet another sign that the cult of COVID vaccinations is more political than scientific, Christopher Brito – who has been with the corporate news network since 2017 – unleashed on fellow Americans despite his previous assertions about the efficacy of vaccines.

Brito works as a Sports and Culture as well as Social Media Producer for CBS News, and appears to have written over 1,000 articles for the entity, including pieces focusing on COVID-19 vaccines, mandates, and opposition.

Brito has repeatedly posted about COVID-19 vaccines on Twitter, slamming Americans who refuse to get the shot as “wast[ing] privilege” and encouraging the National Football League (NFL) to punish players abstaining from the vaccine.

“But it comes down to all of them not being vaccinated and one of them being unpunished,” Brito tweeted on December 2nd in reference to the NFL.

“Imagine living in the U.S., where you have access to three of the best COVID vaccines on the planet – and not taking any of them. Meanwhile, poorer nations have to settle for what they can get. So frustrating to see the wasted privilege,” the CBS Producer lamented in April.

Despite these posts, The National Pulse can reveal tweets from 2013 where he claimed – contrary to the sentiments expressed in the posts above – that “vaccines don’t work.”

“I don’t get what’s the whole emergency with influenza is…vaccines don’t work either. #pharmasudicalscheme,” he wrote on January 12th, 2013.

The intervention was not Brito’s only intervention on the subject matter. One day prior, he tweeted: “Flu shots don’t work…”

Flu shots, which don’t require bi-monthly boosters, appear to have a greater efficacy than the M-RNA gene therapies touted as “vaccines” by big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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