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MILLER: Big Tech’s Worst Hits of 2021.

2021 was a pretty terrible year for Big Tech. That's why we're breaking away.


It’s been a bad year for users of giant social media platforms, as people ranging from normal private citizens to prominent public figures, and even President Donald Trump, were suspended or banned for expressing their political opinions. News also broke during the year of users of these platforms, including children, being exposed to predators and cyber criminals. 

Following 2020, which saw the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop suppressed, it’s hard to believe it could get worse for social media freedoms. But it seems like it has.

The Silicon Valley oligarchs believe they are the Thought Police for the rest of the world, and their dictatorial decrees on what constitutes acceptable opinion prove it. You would think that with more competition in the social media marketplace, they would realize that people are getting tired of their heavy-handed censorship and harmful marketing techniques. But they’ve gotten even worse. 

This is why we created GETTR – a new free speech platform to give people everywhere a place where they can express their political opinions freely and safely.

Notable Silicon Valley offenses in 2021

  • President Trump banned from most social media platforms.
  • Facebook exposed as marketing to small children to hook them for future profits.
  • Instagram caught pushing anorexia images to teen girls with eating disorders.
  • Twitter announced plans to penalize users who say that vaccinated people can still spread COVID-19, which is true.
  • YouTube suspended Sen. Rand Paul, who is a doctor, for criticizing the effectiveness of masks.
  • YouTube suspended Sen. Ron Johnson for discussing other known treatments for COVID-19.
  • Twitter suspended an account reporting the facts of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
  • Twitter banned posting photos or videos of people without their consent.
  • Twitter allowed the Taliban to maintain active account.
  • Twitter allowed the Supreme Leader of Iran to maintain active account despite anti-Israel posts.
  • Twitter locked the account of Rep. Jim Banks for referring to transgender Biden administration official as a man.
  • YouTube suspended the Ron Paul Institute channel with no warning or explanation. 
  • LinkedIn blocked profiles of U.S. journalists from its China-based platform because of Chinese government regulations.
  • Instagram blocked the #NaturalImmunity hashtag.
  • Facebook deleted the account of German anti-lockdown group.
  • Facebook banned Australian MP for posting opinions on COVID-19 treatments. 
  • Twitter suspended British actor and Reclaim Party founder Laurence Fox.
  • Twitter suspended Barstool boss Dave Portnoy.

GETTR, which does not cancel people for their political opinions, officially launched on July 4th and already has amassed over three million registered users. GETTR achieved its first million users less than three days after launch and cemented its place in history as the fastest growing social media platform ever. 

GETTR is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store, as well as online at

Jason Miller was a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump during both the 2016 and 2020 campaigns and is the Chief Executive Officer of the social media platform GETTR.

Jason Miller

Jason Miller was a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump during both the 2016 and 2020 campaigns and is the Chief Executive Officer of the social media platform GETTR

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