China Began Subjecting American Diplomats To Anal COVID-19 Tests Right After Biden Was Inaugurated.


The Chinese Communist Party made American diplomats take anal COVID-19 tests, emails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act by Judicial Watch reveal.

A string of emails exchanged in late January 2021, just days after Joe Biden was sworn in, show that U.S. State Department officials were being subjected to anal COVID-19 tests while in China.

In a January 22nd, 2021 email titled “New Testing Method,” a State Department official explains how a colleague was administered an anal COVID-19 test:

“So a colleague [REDACTED] was telling our group [REDACTED] that he was given an anal COVID swab at his apartment. Just a heads up, as I am sure it is going to blow up soon… if you aren’t already dealing with it. Employee’s name is [REDACTED]. Just getting ahead before the word of mouth starts spreading.”

Obtained by Judicial Watch.

A separate response to the email shows a State Department official inquiring for details about the lead-up to the test.

“In what city did this occur? And what number test? And did he say if they gave any notice beforehand that the test would be conducted in this manner? And was he presented with options,” asked the officials whose name has been redacted.

A subsequent email reveal the anal COVID-19 test took place in Beijing and that the official was given “no notice or options”:


-He is in his apartment as part of the +7 (from my understanding)

-No notice or options as I can tell

-He had to do both a nose and anal swab.

Obtained by Judicial Watch.

Additional emails obtained by Judicial Watch appear to show various State Department officials panicking about the potential requirement of COVID-19 tests.

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Obtained by Judicial Watch.

Additional emails appear to attribute the American diplomat’s forced anal COVID-19 test to a “mistake,” as the policy reportedly “didn’t apply to diplomats”:

FAO is telling the Embassy that it was a mistake to ask for anal swabs and that it didn’t apply to diplomats. TBD how [REDACTED] will play it, but for now we’ll have to tell people they don’t have to do it. Reportedly you do it yourself in private so not as bad as I envisioned.

Obtained by Judicial Watch.

The emails confirm previous reports alleging that the Chinese Communist Party was rolling out the controversial form of COVID-19 testing.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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