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WATCH: New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Bragged About “Kicking Cracker’ Asses.”

As leftists try to cancel Joe Rogan, their latest election victor is caught making racist remarks.


A 2019 video of New York City Mayor Eric Adams reveals him speaking dismissively about white people as “crackers”. The news comes as left-wing activists demand the cancellation of podcaster Joe Rogan for racially insensitive comments from years ago.

A YouTube user by the name of Thomas Lopez-Pierre posted the video to his account earlier this week. Lopez-Pierre identifies himself as the President/CEO of the Black Lives Matter Real Estate Forum and LLC/Fund Manager of BLMREF Fund, LLC.

“Every day in this department I kicked those crackers’ ass!” says Adams to a room of supporters.

Lopez-Pierre captioned the video:

“Black Businesses – $19 Billion Dollars in NYC Government Contracts!!!

“I, Thomas Lopez-Pierre was PROUD to vote for NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

“Watch the below video, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said: “Every day in the police department, I kicked those crackers’ ass.”

“Black people can trust NYC Mayor Eric Adams to make sure Black businesses get Billions of Dollars in NYC Contracts Mayor’s Office MWBEs!!! I urge Black businesses to apply for a contract with NYC.”

Lopez-Pierre states that Adams made the racist statements at an event hosted by Harlem Business Alliance (HBA). HBA website claims the organization as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit enterprise founded in 1980 and has close ties to the Clinton Foundation and Black Lives Matter.

The organization received a $728,750 Community Economic Development (CED) grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in 2012. Adams was Borough President of Brooklyn in 2019 when the video was recorded.

Kay Smythe

Kay Smythe is a writer and researcher specializing in social capital. Her work has been published internationally for more than half her life. She currently resides in the USA.

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