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EXC: Fake, ‘Pro-Trump’ Letters Posing as Right Wing Group Tells Muslims to ‘Go Back to Sh*tholes’.

The group which has drawn attention to the mistreatment of prisoners following January 6th has reported the crime to the FBI.


Letters with offensive sentiments are being sent from individuals posing as the right-wing training group ‘Look Ahead America’ – an organisation which has championed fights for election integrity and against the political persecution of January 6th protesters.

The effort was revealed by the Executive Director of Look Ahead America Matt Braynard, who explained on Monday: “Some low-life is trying to smear @lookaheadorg by sending out hate mail with our return address.”

Pictures of the letters sent by an anonymous group or individual invoked former President Donald Trump, and told recipients to “go back to whatever shit hole country” they came from:

“In the words of our dear leader, Donald J. Trump, go back to whatever shit hole country you come from, you Muslim bitch! You people aren’t welcome in or country!”

Fake letter.

Speaking exclusively to The National Pulse, Braynard explained the steps his group would be taking in response to the letter. “Per our lawyers’ guidance, we’re forwarding these letters to the Postal Inspector and the FBI. We feel terrible for anyone that might have gotten such a horrific note with our address on it,” he outlined.

“We receive a constant stream of hate mail, but the left’s desperate and infantile escalation with fake letters is a validation of our organization’s mission and ascent across the country,” Braynard continued.

He also singled out the fact that the letters are postmarked “Orlando,” despite the fact that Look Ahead America’s offices are based in Washington, D.C.

“They put an Orlando postmark on letters that are supposed to be from DC, and then sent those letters to invalid addresses so they ended up in my hands, and now the authorities have them. Our enemy doesn’t even have the competence to do bad things well.”

“Look Ahead America will not be stopped. America first, America forever,” Braynard concluded.

The targeting of Look Ahead America follows the group’s involvement in efforts to scrutinize the 2020 election, including accessing voter rolls and auditing outcomes in states like Arizona and Wisconsin. The group also hosted a “Justice for J6 Rally” as part of its broader agenda to combat the persecution of January 6th protesters.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.