This Mother Showed Up to A School Board Meeting Wearing the Same Outfit as a ‘Drag Performer’ to Demonstrate How Inappropriate It Was For Kids.

She proved her point.


After an Iowa high school’s student LGBT club hosted a “drag performance” on school grounds in May, an angry parent showed up to a school board meeting in the same outfit as the performer.

Activist Kimberly Reicks, the founder of Iowa Mama Bears and another group called Freedom Over Fear, stood in front of an Ankeny Community School Board meeting wearing a revealing leotard similar to one worn by the drag performer who had been invited to do a show for students in the district.

In a viral image from the event, Reicks can be seen standing next to a hand-made poster that reads: “Is it appropriate for an exotic dancer to seduce the children in our public schools?”

Reicks inquired with the school board for an apology and a resolution “to make sure that this doesn’t happen again on school grounds.”

“I want to know: Does this outfit make you turn your head? Is this outfit appropriate for anybody here to see?” she reportedly added.

“Because if this makes your head turn, if this pissed you off, then it should. Because this guy walked into our school, wearing exactly the same thing,” Reicks continued.

“Where’s the transparency in this?” she added. “How are we going to entrust you — the board members — to do what is right for us parents and make sure that the kids know what is right?”

The event in question was hosted by Ankeny High School’s Gay Straight Alliance as part of an end-of-year meeting, inviting guest performers from the Iowa Youth Parade Pageant. Administrators now claim they did not give approval for the performance in advance and organizers did not follow protocol.

Educational institutions across America have started to host a variety of drag events, including “Drag Queen Story Hours” aimed at young children in many libraries. Activists associated with the movement, however, have been arrested on child pornography charges.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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