A Write-In Election for a Texas Court Could Derail The Trans Lobby.

The fight between Earl Jackson and Mary Brown is literally a fight for your childrens' futures.


Kevin Whitt – a former transsexual turned pro-family activist – has been campaigning for Earl Jackson, a Republican candidate for the 301st District Court in Dallas, TX, which is at the center of a high-profile case involving a minor transitioning to the opposite sex.

Having lived a transsexual life – including as a prostitute, phone sex operator, dominatrix, and webcam “model” – Whitt, who has since embraced Christianity, rightly insists, “That lifestyle is not for anybody and certainly not for children.”

Whitt lived as a transsexual for 22 years before becoming a Christian. While in that world, he was introduced to drag performances and also became a “drag queen”. This was the gateway for his involvement in the adult-sex industry. Thankfully, he is now a loud voice for protecting children in Texas, and an equally loud voice in critique of 301st District Court Judge Mary Brown.

The 301st District Court.

Critics of Judge Mary Brown, who presides over the 301st District court, frequently cite the case of James Younger, a nine-year-old boy whose pediatrician mother has been forcibly transitioning him to female since James was a toddler. The child’s father, Jeff Younger, opposes the social and medical transition of his son.

Despite these objections, the court’s appointed therapist, his public school, and the Judge Brown have forged ahead with allowing the social transition of James Younger. Judge Brown recently ruled that the mother, Anne Georgulas, can even relocate to California with her children, and that the father may not know where Georgulas resides with the boys. In September, California became a “sanctuary state” for child gender modification. Jeff Younger fears his son will soon begin medical transitioning, which could sterilize him and have other health impacts that also last a life time.

Judge Brown’s heavy-handedness is also noteworthy in the case.

She placed a gag order on James’s father to prevent him talking to his political representatives, members of the press, and running an effective campaign for office as he has worked to stop child gender modification in Texas. The gag order was placed “in the best interest of the children,” while violating Mr. Younger’s right to free speech. For violating the order, Judge Brown ordered supervised visits for Mr. Younger.

This punitive action led to the father having to spend a great deal of money to see his sons. He declined the supervised visits, citing a lack of trust in the process with the court-appointed supervisors. Mr. Younger said he believed it to be a trap wherein his refusal to use feminine pronouns or call his son by a female name would be considered “child abuse” by the supervisors, therapists, and ultimately, the 301st District Court.

The point of supervised visits is to ensure children see a parent which is ‘in the best interest of the children.’ Judge Brown said in one hearing that if Mr. Younger didn’t utilize the supervised visits, she would be inclined to restrict his access further. Judge Brown has misused the ‘best interest’ aspect of family law to favor the mother and her intentions surrounding the gender of her son.

Write Ins Across the Board.

With a fully write-in election just days away, Judge Brown is now also the subject of an ethics complaint which alleges some funds received for her campaign are from Georgulas’s lawyers, who are “Platinum Donors.” The heads of the law firm representing the Georgulas also appear to serve on Brown’s Campaign Committee.

The three candidates for the 301st District Court are all write-in candidates. Brown herself failed to get on the ballot as the Democratic nominee.

“When it comes to voting for judges, we need people of integrity, not people who are corrupt, unethical cheaters who facilitate the transitioning of minors with heavy-handed legal tactics that deny a parent their natural right to protect their child from unnecessary and harmful procedures,” said Kevin Whitt. 

Whitt campaigning for Jackson.

With early voting underway, Whitt is campaigning for Earl Jackson, a GOP-endorsed choice for the 301st District Court.

Whitt has been organizing greeters and block walkers as well as making calls for Earl Jackson’s campaign. 

“I am hopeful that people will take the time to write in Jackson and take down Brown when they go in the voting booth. The situation with Jeff Younger and his boys is not unique, and not a one-off. We need to clean up the family courts and get judges in that respect families and parental rights.” 

Tracy Shannon

Tracy Shannon is a "trans widow" who has taken on Drag Queen Story Hours in Texas and across the United States. Her exposes on drag queen story hours have made national and international news.

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