Radical Left Continues Assault on Military with New Transgender Policy

As society has drifted more towards radical leftist policies in recent decades, the United States Armed Forces has long been looked to as a pillar of morality and honor within the republic. In recent years, however, even this sacred institution has been politicized and violated in ways that past generations of American heroes would find unthinkable. It began in December 2010, when a lame duck Congress hastily passed a repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy, which had been in place since 1993. The military began to allow open homosexuality just six months later. Earlier that year, on February

N.J. Republicans Face Long Odds in Race to Replace Christie

Every four years after the president is elected, there are two major contests that highlight an otherwise barely noticed election cycle: governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats currently lead in both, though their lead in Virginia seems light enough that there is still a decent chance of Republicans pulling out a victory. In New Jersey, however, the outlook is much bleaker for conservatives. There are an array of problems that have led to the current situation. Governor Chris Christie’s popularity has taken a serious hit during his second term in office, and he has lost much of the

How Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement Could Reshape American Culture

Recent speculation has mounted regarding the potential retirement of Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. Widely seen as the swing vote on key issues, his exit from the court would have enormous ramifications. While viewed as moderate overall, he has repeatedly sided with the justices who far more liberally interpret the Constitution when cases involving social issues are brought before the court. As the second oldest justice, and the longest serving, his retirement is one of the more likely to happen in the near future. While still in the rumor stage, the potential vacancy has been discussed at the very