When Will Hillary Return Trump’s Donations?

Hillary Clinton has been extremely irresponsible in taking advantage of Donald Trump’s insulting comments about Mexican immigrants. Saying that all GOP presidential candidates agree with Trump on immigration is factually untrue. Several key candidates including Governor Rick Perry, Governor Jeb Bush and

What Would a Conservative Immigration Reform Look Like?

On Sunday, I was invited to C-SPAN to discuss immigration reform and APIA’s new five-point action plan to fix our country’s immigration system.  You can see the full video, as well as an excerpt of the discussion, below: Steven Scully: “I want

On Immigration, the President Wants an Issue, Not a Solution

On Tuesday, a Federal Court of Appeals ruled against lifting an injunction against President Obama’s executive order to halt deportations. This latest ruling represents a small portion of a much larger problem with the President’s handling of immigration policy. When it comes to immigration,


Bush Takes on National Review on Immigration

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, responded to National Review’s criticism of his position favoring a path to citizenship to undocumented immigrants by saying: “I love you… I just think you are wrong on immigration”. Unlike many politicians, who flip flop with the


Is Ted Cruz Latino?

I had a great conversation last week about Ted Cruz with Alejandro Negron, the host of the Hispanic Agenda on Channel 8/Telemundo, who kindly introduced me as “a leading Latino conservative voice and advocate for Latinos inside the Republican Party.” Alejandro started by